Back to School Shopping: Have You Made a Plan Yet?

I know it may seem early, but we all know it’s coming.  School.  Back to school shopping.  PTA.  Homework.  Packing lunches.  For me, it’s on a different level this year.  Three children.  Three different schools.  Wow.  But never fear.  I. Will. Win.  Why?  I have a plan!

First, we have this door pocket system I found on


We keep it on the inside of the pantry door so it’s out of sight, but not out of reach.  Each child has a pocket & we use some pockets for bills, magazines, ads and receipts.  It helps keep the junk drawer clean and now we don’t have to dig through a pile to find stuff.  Get yours here (if they’re still available).  It was about $10 when I listed it here.  NOTE:  For some reason they don’t include the over the door hangers!  Big minus, but here’s a link to them too.

They were about $9 when I listed them.  So ask yourself…is it worth $20 total to get all those papers under control?


Then, we have the kids area.  You can check out how & why I did this area here.


Then, we have the school supply area.  It’s been updated a bit.  It was this mess.

closet organized closet organized 2

It’s green now.


Then we have the fridge. We use the door to display more immediate stuff.  But my favorite area by far?  Our family calendar!!  It’s so serious that we don’t use those cutesy-tootsey calendars that they give away at the bank.  Not even the dry erase ones will do.  Nope.  We do it BIG.  The huge desk pad calendars that they sell at Walmart.  Yuuuuuuuup.  That’s our life.  We keep everything from haircuts to family trips, business meetings to dental appointments.  And our family motto is, “If it’s not on the family calendar, it doesn’t count!”  And all of us have had to adapt to the motto and learn the hard way.  It’s so bad that if it’s not on the family calendar, I’ve been known to forget it.  So if your event is on the family calendar, you should feel like a rock star.  Not half of what we’re approached with gets to grace that prime real estate!

We also have this area, but it hasn’t quite caught on yet.


Mainly because I don’t want to put another hole in the wall.  Maybe if I use 5 or 6 of those 3M velcro strips that will do the trick!  We’ll see…

Files.  I have to keep a flow going.  Not everything can stay in those pockets forever.  Also, some things will come in triplicate for us.  No one needs to keep all of that mess.  So once a month those papers need to be evaluated to see if they should go into the file cabinet.  We have a desk with a file drawer that we use for deep storage.  No one wants to go in that thing.  It’s that super heavy, sturdy wood so you have to “man up” to open the drawers!  Hopefully it will be replaced by something that matches the color scheme in the room and is significantly more chic. But for now, we’re working with what we’ve got.

Finally, I have my paper planner. I just ordered a new one from It is black and white and hot pink! If you didn’t know, those are some of my favorite colors. I’m waiting for it to come in the mail. It said it was supposed to be here today, but I have not seen it yet! 😦  when it arrives, it is Off to the Races! I will be going online to the academic calendar for the kids school and feeling that bad boy up with all the important dates. Not to mention dates for my job, my husband’s business, medical appointments, etc.

So anyway, that is pretty much what is in place for us right now as far as getting ready for school. We need to get it moving. There’s not even a month left before school starts! So how about you, have you made a plan for this school year yet?



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