Don’t Use “Waiting on the Lord” as an Excuse

It’s a trap too many of us fall into.  “Waiting on the Lord.”  I know some are waiting to pounce on me for making this statement.  If this statement makes you uncomfortable, then it may be just what you need to hear.

So many situations call for patience and perseverance.  When that time of stillness is over, it’s time to move!  I’ve recently learned  (again – for the millionth time) that once you have prayed, believed, and then it gets quiet, it’s time to do something. I thought and have been taught by so many churces that God being quiet was a test. A test of your faith is what I have heard a million times. But I don’t know if that teaching is really accurate. God already knows how much faith he has given you, so he doesn’t need to test your faith. If anything, these situations are going to show you how much faith you have been given by him. But I don’t know if that’s the fullness of the revelation either. But I know  that these times of stillness are not tests that we should be sitting, waiting and blankly staring at. No, on the contrary, I believe it’s an open door.  It’s your time to move, step out and test the waters.  See what’s out there and trust God.  

I look back over my life and it’s unbelievable how many times I could/should have moved soooooo much earlier. I noticed a pattern, too.  It’s usually 6 months. In the worst case it was more than 2 years.  

I’ll give you a personal example. There is something that my husband and I have wanted for a long time. We have been working and working for years towards it. There is one key element that was missing. We have done everything under the sun that we could think of to get it to happen. They were clear instructions that God gave us and we followed them. So, we couldn’t figure out why it still wasn’t happening and why God hadn’t said anything!  So we kept tweaking what He had instructed us to work on.  It got to feeling like we were dusting crumbs. (Doing something meaningless to something meaningless)  One day,in quiet reflection I realized that God had already answered the prayer over a year ago. He had even recently repeated Himself!  So we have been sitting and waiting for him, when he had been sitting and waiting for us! All we had to do was step forward and take what was already set aside for us by God’s hands.  

I encourage you to analyze your life by reflection and see what you see. If you have a journal, write in the margins, updating your life events with “God did it”, “still waiting” (add the date), “Thank God that didn’t happen”, etc. Look and listen.  If you’re like me, you have lists of what God said and what you’ve asked God for.  And don’t get frustrated about it. Sometimes you have to make a very peculiar step to get from what you asked him for to what He’s prepared for you. And what he has prepared for you is always so much better than what you ask for. So don’t get frustrated if it requires bigger leaps and longer strides!  And remember,  God is our Father.  If we are moving in the wrong direction, he will lead us and guide us into all truth. But remember, leading requires movement on your part. Guiding requires movement on your part. If you’re not moving, there’s no reason for him to lead you or got here. And don’t be afraid of making a mess! That used to be my biggest roadblock. If you make a mess, believe me he can clean it up. His hands are much bigger than yours. He already knows what you’re going to do, so he is already prepared and made a way for your protection and prosperity. What was the excuse that I was using? I was waiting on God. However, when you read the word, it says that Jesus sat down because his work was finished. If his work was finished, and everything was complete, what are we “waiting for”? No, I’m not crazy. I understand that some things require time. However, the Bible says that if we pray and ask for something and believe it, we already have it. So if you are waiting on something and there’s been no progress, have you just been sitting and waiting or have you been taking action towards the end result you’re looking for?  So I ask again, what are you waiting for?

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