An Unbelievable Tip to Lengthen the Life of Your Candles!! A DIY Bonus!

It’s tip time again!  This time it’s candles.  Candles can be EXPENSIVE!!!  But I found a way to beat it with one little trick:  a mug warmer.  Yep!  I know you’re like, WHAAAAT?  Yeah, child!  I discovered that you can put a glass candle (well the candles that come in jars or glass votives) on a mug warmer and it’ll last for YEARS.  I was so mad after I figured this out because I had a ton of candle nubs that I never used until the end and had thrown away.  I probably could have melted those joints down and made my own layer candles!  But at least now my candles last for years instead of months.  Using the warmer is also safer because you don’t have to worry about setting your house on fire.  But still keep an eye on it.

Speaking of candles, here’s my bonus diy tip.  If you have oyster or other shells, you can melt down wax and make your own pretty candles!  I used some tea light candles for the wax and used the wick too!  I just melted my wax in the microwave (30 seconds or so-WATCH IT) and put the wick in the middle and made these…


Gorgeous, right?  I could probably sell these!  Who’d like 3 for $5?  lol  I had a ball doing it and when I got fed up with fooling around with it I just poured the wax in a jar and put it away.  I DON’T SUGGEST using a pot that you cook with to melt wax.  I don’t want you killing yourself trying to cook with that pot again (& although I may attend your funeral, I’m not taking ANY responsibility)!  lol   Some of y’all are crazy and I have to tell you not to do crazy things…

So, go find a mug warmer and make your life easy again.  You can find them some of anywhere.  I think I got mine a million years ago at Family Dollar.  I don’t go to that store often, so I can’t say if they still carry them.  But Wally world might and I’m sure you can find one on ebay.  They’re kind of seasonal, so finding one in warmer months may be tricky.  Try ebay first.  Did you know they have USB ones now??  Yeah, child!  You can plug up your warmer right next to your tablet or laptop or pc and have hot yummy goodness while you work!  Here’s the way to find the best deal:

  1.  On Google, search for a mug warmer.  Put it in grid view.  Sort lowest to highest price.  Get your shop on.
  2.  On ebay (my personal fave), select “buy it now”, click grid view & sort lowest to highest price.  Be amazed.  Be very amazed.  You can use other filters like free shipping or US only by utilizing the side panel on the left.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you find anything good!!!  On to the next thing!




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