Sprouting Our Own Spuds!

I’m back with a gardening & patio decor tip.  Did you know you could sprout your own spuds?  Plant your own potatoes?  Yield your own Yukons??  Tee hee.  Ok, on with the post.  We have grown taters before and man, they are too much fun!  The key is to keep the soil loose because you’ll have to dig in it to find them.  Just be sure to do it on a day that the soil is dryish.  It’s a great job for little hands that whine about being bored!  Also, if they’re small, you can eat them as fingerlings.  If they’re medium, slice them along with a Vidalia onion, put in the oven in a foil packet with pat of butter & some black pepper & you have some potato medley after about 35-45 mins on about 375.  It’s the BEST!

For years I’ve had gardens.  I’m descended from farmers.  My grandparents owned over 100 acres in fact.  So yeah, I can grow the heck out of some stuff!  I’ve always had gardens until recently.  The soil here is to the point it’s not worth the hassle to break ground.  We have red clay soil.  If you have it, you know the trauma.  If you don’t, be very, very glad that you don’t.  So I’ve taken to container gardening.  What am I growing?  TATERS!  Yup!  Potatoes in a pot!

My mom says you can grow potatoes in just about anything as long as you have room to keep the soil loose.  Some of her (crazy sounding at the time) containers include, but are not limited to:

  • burlap bags
  • 5 gallon frosting containers (the huge ones-your local Walmart or place with a bakery may give you some free)
  • laundry hampers (sounds like the dirt would fall out the holes, right?  Yeah, line it first.  lol)

Just make sure you use something that is food grade or safe for growing food.  You can also use glass, metal or plastic containers.  Go big, small or whatever size you like!  If you get too many containers, leave some out for free gardening water when it rains.  Can’t beat free water!

I’m trying to get back on the gardening horse, because I was on it!  Y’all, I had tomatoes growing in December!  Outside!  THROUGH THE SNOW!!!  So for me to be letting stuff dry up like oregano is just sad.  Oh, my baby girl & I did plant some nice flowers in a pot on the porch.  Let me give you the pitiful back story on that.  I went to Lowe’s about 2-3 months ago and was stalking their clearance rack.  Yes, they have one!  You can get plants for next to NOTHING.  I got these little pretties for 4/$1.


Aren’t they adorable?  I left them for dead for about 2 weeks at a time with minimal watering, but this past week planted them in this foam pot.  They must be true soldiers because just 3 days ago they sprouted new foliage!img_20160629_095354.jpg

When I got these little guys ready to go into their new home, I sent one of my children to water it.  When I went back, I noticed a little dent in the middle.  I thought they’d scooped it out or dug around (I mean the trowel is pretty handy, right?) but nope.  It wasn’t actually them.  Well, it kinda was…it came from pouring the water in!  I almost filled it back in, but realized it kept the pot from overflowing.  That was great because I don’t like wet toes in the morning unless I’m showering.img_20160629_095346.jpg  img_20160629_095340.jpg img_20160629_095354.jpg

I will leave these here until they look like they’re sick of each other.  Then I’ll split them up and give them proper individual homes.  Tip: to cut the amount of soil you use, put a layer of stones or rocks in the bottom, then a layer of those little cheapo planters (the plastic ones that feel like they’re made of flimsy plastic) bottom side up in the bottom of your plant.  Fill with dirt.  Don’t worry, it won’t hurt anything and the water will still be able to go through.  You’ll use about 2/3 of the soil and you won’t get that kink in your back when you try to move them!

Wait, this post is about potatoes.  Y’all let me go off on a tangent again!  Ok, back to that.  I asked my Mom to send me some pictures so that I can share what your potato plants will look like.


What you’re seeing is over a foot tall.  The very bottom is the patio and you can see that there are 2 metal trellises at the top.  Yes, she is a beast when it comes to gardening.  Here’s a different angle.  You can see the little flowers that are there.  Underneath the soil are little potatoes.  She said she has to keep Daddy from digging in them to see how big they’ve gotten!


Ok, so more about the potatoes.  This is how I did mine:

  1.  Left about 6 spuds in a bag in the corner of the kitchen too long.  They started sprouting.
  2. Left them about 6 weeks more (how they didn’t rot or funk up the place, I don’t know).  They looked like they were more sprout that potato!
  3. Hear my husband say something about flies, assumed it was because of the potatoes and put them on the patio.
  4. Went to Christmas Tree Shops, bought a $4 ice bucket & threw the potatoes in.  Covered with dirt.  Went back in my house & chilled.
  5. Waited another week I guess and wrote this post.

Not real complicated.  Here’s how it’s going.  Yeah, it may look like nothing, but there are some cute little shoots below the surface!  Those green flecks you’re seeing are from my husband & son’s yard work this afternoon.

Christmas Tree Shops ice tubChristmas Tree Shops tub 2

Yeah, don’t expect to see Rome pop up in a day.  It’ll be some weeks.  Unless you use Miracle Gro liquid.  Then it’ll be much faster.

Back in the day, I used to grow up some stuff!  Cucumbers, green beans, corn and carrots (until I found out to get a carrot you plant A CARROT seed-ain’t nobody got time for that!) and my favorite is tomatoes.  I got so good at growing them that they grew from May through DECEMBER.  I ain’t lying!  I had a plant that grew up through the snow & started popping out cherry tomatoes!!!  They were good, too!

If I have a little green thumb, my Mom has the Hulk’s arm!  That woman can grow groceries from DUST!  I mean, she must ask Jesus how to grow stuff cuz it’ll be dead like Lazarus and next time she’s showing you this gargantuan crop talking about, “It just needed a little love.”  Man, I need to leave her my checkbook.  Make THAT grow, lady!  Anyway, here’s how hers are going.  I think she said she’s cut them back once or twice because they started growing all over the place.  Oh, she did recommend using Miracle Grow.  I also recommend using compost cow manure if you can find it.  Finally, plant stakes (they’re sticks of fertilizer you put in beside the base of your plants) work well too.  I use those when I’m so lazy that I won’t mix the Miracle Grow solution.  That’s hecka lazy, y’all.  Pray for me.

So, that’s all folks.  I have more tips, but I’m way past my usual word count.  If you love Pinterest & want more gardening tips & ideas, click here —> to visit my board!!

Thanks for reading & I’ll see you next time!



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