This Little Girl is TOO Freakin’ Smart!!! (She ALMOST Got Me, Y’all)

My 9 year old daughter has been playing us all.  Just this morning she almost got her oldest brother in big trouble.  They were doing their usual morning bonding exercise (AKA “who can get who in trouble first by annoying each other”) when I almost fell into a big trap.  I’ll lay it out for you…

They sit at the bar in the kitchen in order of age.  Since our middle is in camp, the middle bar stool was empty.  They had been pushing the (metal) bar stool at one another when I decided to leave to finish a blog post.  That’s when I hear over my shoulder, “You bum!  You pulled the chair to you to make it look like I pushed it!!!”  All I could do was laugh in admiration (& some horror).  Well played little girl.  Well played.  You were listening well when I told you children to learn the game, play the game, change the game.  Dang.

World, you have been warned.  There’s a smart little conniver on the way and I feed her.  I feed her well.  Don’t worry, I’ll get her straight.  But just know, I won’t be around forever & at that point y’all will have to fend for yourselves!!



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