They Almost Got Put Out…

Y’all know I love my kids, right?  Even with their faults (which are mainly reflections of my own) they still are my heart and make my day.  But this summer, they’ve tried to be the laziest, hobo bums I’ve ever seen!  I mean, chores not done, not done right, grumbling & complaining, attitude, whining & still eating my food!

I’ve told them a million times that I would sell them on Ebay buy 1 get 2 free.  I’ve warned them not to mess with me.  Even their daddy says I’m crazy and to leave me alone and just do what I say.  But noooooooo!  They want to test a momma.  They’re gonna end up on the curb with a bologna sandwich and a sign that says “FREE” if they keep on.

But I know that won’t work.  Someone will pick up those adorable faces.  THEN BRING THEM BACK WHEN THEY FIND OUT HOW MUCH THEY EAT!!!!

It’s ok.  I’ve got a plan.  They’re not ready.  They don’t know who they’re messing with.  They may have youth & speed, but I’ve got wisdom & patience.  Not to mention the house is in my name…

Let the games begin

*Stay tuned for the next episode of:




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