Liquid Meat Tenderizer is THE BIDNESS!!!

Here’s my tip for the day! Every time I use this product I’m amazed! It’s all natural and so easy to use. Those pork chops I cooked on the George Foreman came out like butta’! I should have done a video, but I was hungry. Just sayin’.

Anyway, here’s my video from this morning on some tips and links to where you can find everything (you can also click the pic below). Have a great day!

liquid meat tenderizer

3V didn’t have their liquid meat tenderizer on their site, but they sure had it on Amazon!  It’s well worth the price at $3.99.

Dollar Tree is chock full of spices. Check out some of their selection. They vary by store so just be aware.

Christmas Tree Shops didn’t have their spices listed online, but you’ve GOTTA check out the things that they do have online! Don’t forget to use the popup coupon!

So I hope this helps you with feeding your pack over the summer. I understand now why the kids would be 6 inches taller when they started school in the fall. Thank God I bought another freestanding freezer before they started to swarm my kitchen! LOL



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