George Foreman Dinner Ideas and Tips!

Hi guys!  I love my George Foreman grill!  Here are some great cheats that make it super-easy to clean & keep clean FOREVER!  This evening we will be having pork chops & I won’t be battling bugs or cleaning a thing.  First, let me say that the George Foreman grill is an awesome invention! You can cook both sides of the meat at the same time, there’s an internal temperature sensor that will go off when the meat is actually cooked & you greatly reduce the fat content in your food because it drains it off.  Why?  The back end is higher than the front, so gravity just pulls the oil and water down the front into a drip pan.  It’s healthy, cool & gross!  lol

Okay so here are the tips.

Tip #1.  Get into the habit of covering your George Foreman with one sheet of really good imagequality, heavy aluminum foil before you start. Make sure it’s long enough to line the top & bottom grate & fold over the edges.  This will keep you from having to clean it later on. Cool, huh!? However, if you forget, the easiest way to clean the George Foreman grill is to take two or three full sized paper towels, wet them thoroughly and squirt on a mix of Dawn dish washing liquid and white vinegar.  Squish the paper towels so that it builds up the lather and put the paper towels on  the George Foreman while it is still hot. The heat will break down any gunk on the grate and  then you’ll be able to just pretty much wipe it off. You may need to repeat depending on how stubborn  the stuff is that is stuck on.

Tip #2.  I hate the drip pans. Mine often fill up because I am cooking for 5 imagepeople. Usually what will happen is that I’ll get halfway through cooking and need to empty the drip pan. For those of you that know me, I am very clumsy when it comes to transporting liquid from one place to another. So I would end up spilling it across the floor, creating yet another task to be completed.  Then I had the bright idea that I would just get another drip pan (I’d had a small one when I was in college & scored this huge one at a yard sale for like $5!)  Problem solved, right? Wrong! It still was not enough room for all the liquid.  Now I had to make 2 trips & I still ended up dripping stuff across the floor. So today, I came up with my best idea so far.

Tip # 3 Just put the George Foreman lined with aluminum foil on the edge of the counter and make sure that the foil on the end of the bottom grate goes over into the sink. Now, I don’t have to worry about a drip pan at all! I don’t know what I’m going to do with the other drip pans. Any ideas?


Once that little light clicked off, I had some super yummy goodness sitting before me.

george foreman chops

The last thing I had to do was add barbecue sauce and then let it grill a little while longer. This would create a nice thickened glaze of sauce on my chops and I won’t have to worry about burning them.  You won’t see pics of the chops after the sauce.  Yeah…we ate them!  Sorry, I’ll try to do better next time.

I tried try this method with other meats like chicken, hot dogs, steaks and shrimp on the George Foreman. I will say this, be careful about the cuts of meat that you use. That should not be very thick. I wouldn’t even go past about an inch thick or the size of a really good sized burger. Chicken breasts can be cooked, but cut it in half horizontally before putting it on the grill, or make strips.  If you use a full chicken breast (the really big ones) it may not cook all the way through.

Tip #4. If you like to have grill marks, then just don’t use the aluminum foil.  But oddly enough, sometimes I still get grill marks using foil.  Give it a shot.  It could go either way.

And here is what the side of my sink looks like.  Gross, right?  Side note, be sure that you put a long enough sheet on you grill that it hangs about an inch or 2 longer than this.  I realized after the fact that my grill wasn’t close enough to the edge of the sink.  Or I could’ve just used a longer sheet of foil!

grilled chops

No worries!  Now I just need to squirt some cleaner on it and wipe it down. No more trips across my floor! And I cleaned the sink, ditch the foil & tucked away my grill (after it cooled, of course) until another day!

george foreman cleanup

I enjoy my little blast from the past grill.  Maybe I’ll try salmon & grilled asparagus next time.  Remember when these first came out?  Did you know it was first released in 1994?!?  Lord, that was literally 20 years ago!!!

Here are some links to some really cool info about George Foreman and the grill.  I was AMAZED!!!

The Official Site of George Foreman
How the George Foreman Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine Came to Be
(excerpted from Knockout Entrepreneur by George Foreman)

I hope these tips help you out. Let me know what you’re making for dinner so I can stop racking my brain over our next meal! lol




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