YOU Come First

Some of you just flipped your wig (or maybe you think that I have).  I know, just hear me out.  I’m having a few revelations & I need you to walk through this with me.  First, this is not a narcissistic rant.  I’ve thought about it, prayed about it, heard from God about it, so now I’m deciding to share my thoughts about it.

You come first.  Yes, you.  Mom, you are the hub.  You are the wheel, the glue, the calm, the peace, the barometer, the anchor.  Think it through.  Without a wheel, how are you moving forward?  Without the glue, how are you holding it together?  Without the calm…I don’t even want to think about it.  Without the peace, it would be chaos!  Without the barometer, where’s the indications?  Without the anchor, how can we stop?

YOU ARE IMPORTANT!  CRITICAL!  MANDATORY!  NECESSARY!  I don’t mean to add more weight to the burden you may already be carrying.  I’m saying this to shed light on an important fact.  You are the infrastructure of your home.  Without you, all is lost.  The household & those in it are off kilter.  So you have to be balanced, strong, maintained, cared for.  You have to allow God to saturate you & take care of you.  So many of you are neglecting yourself (and using God as the excuse) when you’re doing the exact opposite of what God represents.  God is love, peace, wholeness, joy, kindness, etc.  When you look at yourself or take internal inventory, is that what you’re finding?  Is it because you’re denying yourself something?  Let me break it down on a real level.

I used to think having my own time, space, things was being selfish and that I should put everyone else’s needs above my own.  Don’t get me wrong, I know folk in this house need things & I pray for them & God shows up with them every time.  But when I needed new shoes for work, saw them & kept denying myself because I thought I was being selfish, God stopped me in my tracks.  I clearly heard Him ask me why I didn’t get the shoes.  I replied that I shouldn’t spend the money (that much money) on myself when I have shoes at home (that I hated and resented and had worn for the last I can’t remember years).  God said He wanted me to have them because He loves me.  He heard my prayer, knew my need & before I was even born, He’d made them for me.  He prepared the entire earth for me to be happy and live in.  When I thought about it, the new shoes would alleviate some things.  One, my feet would stop hurting!  I’d be happier and easier to get along with (because my feet wouldn’t be hurting)!  My husband would be happy because he wouldn’t have to hear about my feet hurting!  I could do more things with my children because I wouldn’t have to put my feet up…well you get the idea.   Finally, (& this became really, really important to me) the world’s perception of God would be different because I accepted the shoes.  I wore the same shoes to work for so long that I couldn’t remember when I hadn’t.  What was that saying to others about God?  That He couldn’t or wouldn’t provide me with more shoes?  Were my broke down shoes giving a false impression about my Father in heaven (people were looking at the shoes wondering why I hadn’t changed them)?  Did it give the implication that He was broke?  Man, I had to be a better reflection of His goodness!!  I can’t walk around with jacked up hair, clothes, etc. and think that people will want to jump on team Jesus!  I can’t whine, complain, worry, cry, act a fool, etc & expect people to sign up to be a part of the Kingdom.  Why would they want to?  No, the Bible says that the heathens would be JEALOUS OF US because they saw and heard of the GOODNESS OF OUR GOD.  Heathens don’t discern spiritually.  They SEE NATURALLY.  You have to SHOW FORTH the good works of the Lord.  Think of it as visual evangelism.  So when you ask for something & He puts it before you, get it.  He’s already provided.  Not based on YOUR GOODNESS, BUT HIS.  Don’t be afraid of being vain, either.  Vanity is nothing but looking fabulous without the testimony (giving God credit) for it all.  So what will we learn when we take God up on all He has for us?  That he’s always placed our needs as a priority & we should receive them to show how good He is.

Taking care of you doesn’t mean that you think more highly of yourself than of others.  Just the opposite.  People need to see that your Father takes care of you.  Don’t be a false testimony.  Get your hair done, get the mani, take a day or overnight trip by yourself for yourself.  Always trust Him for what you need to be a good reflection of Him.  Don’t feel bad about looking good!  He takes care of, feeds, nourishes, clothes & delights in His children & their happiness.  He’s the good Shepherd!

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