Proverbs 31

Some of you are trying SO HARD to try to be the Proverbs 31 woman, wife & mother.  Please stop.  Stop trying to be something that God already made you.  You’re already wonderful.  You’re fearfully & wonderfully made!  Stop trying to be successful.  You’re already more than a conqueror through Christ!  You’re already perfect.  For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified!  Stop beating yourself up, comparing yourself to others, striving to be this “thing” that someone told you you should be. You’re thinking your building yourself up, but you’re tearing yourself down.

Let’s do a little Bible time travel.  Did you notice what Eve’s mistake was?  Trying to be something God had already made her.  She was tricked by the enemy because she LOOKED AT HERSELF & HER ACCOMPLISHMENTS INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON WHAT GOD HAD ALREADY DONE FOR HER & SAID ABOUT HER.  Eve was already made in God’s image.  She already had His love, devotion, supply, protection and glory.  But as soon as she stopped believing that, the enemy was able to trick her. Are you doing that?  Thinking that “if only I had/have/was/did/do I’ll be better”?  And what did Adam do?  Agreed with her.  He didn’t even affirm her.  But hey, even that is beside the point.  You can’t blame Adam!  If she didn’t believe in herself, why expect him to?  It’s time to take your identity back.  YOU ARE GOD’S DAUGHTER FIRST AND ALWAYS!  Once you realize that YOUR IDENTITY IS IN CHRIST ALONE, you’ll find peace.  Look to Him for it, accept it, find peace in it & relish in it!  This world needs you to be EXACTLY who you were created to be.  No more, no less.  You’re exactly what this world needs.  Please let go and be yourself.  Whether that’s loud, quiet, silly, observant, goofy or whatever!  BE YOURSELF.

Finally, give yourself license to be happy.  Your kids more than likely have more than they need.  It’s ok to buy the pretty panties & have a glass of wine (but drink responsibly).  It’s awesome to take some time with the hubby to get the sexy back in your marriage.  You both need to soak each other in.  It heals & restores your marriage.  Get it in as much as you need to!  Mmmm-hmmm!  😉  Eat the cookie, buy the shoes.  Whatever that means to you.  You may need more alone time.  You may need to journal or travel or go for walks or swim.  Or just take a durn nap!  Girl, take care of yourself!  You ARE a gift to the world.  Who else is YOU?  You are precious and it’s time you start treating yourself that way!

I love you!  Now go love yourself!

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