I’m Back With More Reviews! Aldi, Dollar Tree, Dollar General & More!

Hi guys,

I’ve been MIA but it’s for good reason.  I WORK!  LOLOL!!!!  Ok, but seriously, spring brings a lot of change for us.  My oldest ended his rec ball season 7-1 and we had lots of events around that.  We just got past midterms at my job and we’re on a mad hunt for summer camps and programs.  We’ve had family visits & yadda-yadda-yadda.  You know, LIFE.

So, I wanted to give some updates & some cool things I’ve found.

  1.  I tried my hand at meal planning.  Not just the writing it down, but actually planning, prepping & packing my lunch for a week ahead of time.  And yes, it works!!!  I had enough time in the morning (since I wasn’t scrambling like a maniac to find lunch) to actually make smoothies!
  2. Smoothies are my recent addiction.  I’ve started making them like a mad person.  I have a short list of go to ingredients that hit the spot.  I need to weigh myself to see if they have had any affect on my weight.  I honestly don’t know.  But I’m less stressed because I have something yummy to sip on from about 7:30-12.  That takes care of my fruit intake & is my breakfast & morning snack.  I’ll list my favorite blends below.
  3. I got a $20 steam mop from Aldi, y’all!  It’s crazy!  My old one died & I seriously went into mourning til we got another one.  They’re the BEST!  Remember the section in my book about “boy stink”?  Well, that steam mop keeps you from having to get too “up close & personal”.  My oldest also uses it to loosen the dirt in the tub before scrubbing it down.  He says it makes cleaning a breeze now.
  4.  I celebrated by 1 year anniversary of water only (well, water mostly) hair washing.  My hair is now down to my collarbone (it was previously only jaw length).  So I’m super excited about that!
  5. Check out Dollar General when you can.  They’ve got some CRAZY deals right now!  I got a 3 pack of winter gloves for NINETY CENTS!!!!!!  Yeah, their clearance aisle is unbelievable right now.

Ok, that seemed like a lot.  What have you guys been up to??  Oh yeah!  Before I forget…the smoothie list!

I use any combination of the following items:

bananas (1-2, fresh or frozen)
apples (cored & sliced)peanut butter
Nutella (less than $3 at Aldi)
an oatmeal packet (any flavor left from the colder months-hey, I gotta do something with them!)
Chia seeds (I used to find them at Dollar Tree, but got them bulk at Walmart)

I put it all in my little smoothie maker and in 2 mins or less it’s done!  I like mine thick.  For some reason, I like my smoothies chunky.  If I’d stop being cheap, I’d probably buy some walnuts and throw them in there too.  Oh well, for now I’m good with how they are.  What do you like in your smoothies?

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