Aldi & Dollar Tree Finds You Won’t Want to Miss!

Hi all!

Here I am to share again!  I recently saw an ad for a single serving drink mixer (like the Nutribullet thing) at Aldi.  For $15!  Now I’ve been eyeing those for a while and been teetering and tottering on if I’d get one.  I finally decided I would, when the sale went off of the one I was eyeing.  It was like $30 at GNC.  Oh well, that ship sailed, so I hopped on another one.  And I’m so glad I did!  For $14.99 I picked up a lifesaver.  I got it home, washed it and began my mixologist magic.  I used this apple corer/slicer from Christmas Tree Shops (cost me about $3 if I remember correctly), dumped in a pack of cinnamon & spice oatmeal*, a little apple juice and about 3 ice cubes.  And about a tablespoon of caramel.  Don’t judge me.  Then I got my mix on.

img_20160301_122643.jpg img_20160301_122320.jpg img_20160301_122637.jpg

Can you say ABSOLUTE HEAVEN?!?!??!!!  YAAAASSSSSS!  It was so good that I could see having this every morning.  Well maybe not every morning.  With all the fiber in this, you know what’ll happen if you add 2 bottles of water after…

Ok, well remember that * you saw up there?  I just thought I’d mention that smoothies are a great way to get rid of the unwanted oatmeal packet flavors that nobody wants any more.  Cool, huh?

Ok, on to other cool things.  Here’s what I’ve found at Dollar Tree this time!  First, the magazine organizers.  I’ll be getting these and covering them to match my office.  More than likely they’ll be used for doll storage.  My daughter and I play with Barbies and I saw a My Froggy Stuff video where she uses these to store her dolls!  You put them into a book case or on a shelf with the tall end facing outward.  That way no one sees what’s inside and your area stays nice and tidy.  I’m doing it.195780

Up next are the storage bags.  I have the ones without the handles already, so I’m excited about these XL heavy duty ones.  It actually has 2 bags in there!  I’m thinking about using them to hang stuff.  Like wrapping paper rolls or rolls of wallpaper.  Can’t beat it for a buck!943609.jpg

Last share.  I want an eye mask.  Not to darken the room, but to block out the stupid LED lights on the front of the cable box.  Those things are ridiculous!  Of course I’d get the black & white one.  You know I’m partial because those are my business colors!


Have you found any great deals lately?  Please share!!

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