My New Coffee Bar

Hi guys!  I’m here to share again.  Today it’s my coffe/tea bar.  But before I get started, I must apologize.  I know I’ve been M.I.A. for a while.  I’ll chalk it up to a new semester (yep, I’m still teaching math, y’all!), tax season, a few illnesses in the family, my oldest’s basketball schedule and other stuff.  Ugh……anyway, on to happier topics.

Introducing my newest favorite thing in my house:  My coffee/tea bar!  Isn’t she cute??


This is my BABY!!!  I just adore it!  I got i all for under $50. Yep!  You know how I roll! So here’s what’s on it:

My rolling cart that I bought from a friend for $25.  It’s one of those primary colored rolling carts that school teachers use.  Well it has 12 drawers for papers and a couple of drawers for my cutie poo napkins & such.

On top you’ll notice a black tray.  I found this tray at Goodwill for about $3.  It originally looked like this.

20151001_151922 20151001_151933 20151001_151941

Well after about an hour of spray paint and a damask-esque placemat from Dollar Tree I got this!image

Also on this tray (besides my chamomile & green tea steeping) is my tea caddy ($3 from Target), a jar of sugar (an old salsa jar that had a cute shape & matched my color scheme), another not as cute salsa jar for spoons (it’ll be replaced later cuz I’m not feeling it) and my biggest score…my teeny tiny coffee pot from Goodwill!  I only paid FIVE dollars for this little beauty!  Yes!!!!! $5.  Don’t underestimate Goodwill, y’all!  You will find top notch stuff that people just give away.  Oh well.  Thank God!  So the reason this coffee pot is so high on my “love it” list is because of the size.  That tray is less than 2 ft wide, ya’ll.  That little pot sits there and makes me 5 steaming cups of water which is perfect for my movie time, work time, hair time or whatever.  It’s the best!  So I encourage you to give this a try in your little section of the world.  You’ll love it!

Here’s my recap with prices:

$3 tea caddy.  I got it at Target from their Dollar Spot.  It rotates when you spin it by the container (not the little knob at the top).  It has little foam feet that keep it from sliding all over the place.  They only had white (bummer), but it’ll do for now.

image image

Coffee pot from Goodwill for $5.  Did I mention that ALL their coffee pots are $5?  From tiny to gargantuan!  Just check the cleanliness first.  This one was like new and barely needed anything besides a basic vinegar cycle.

image image

The sugar and spoon jars were free since I already had them on hand.  I’ll probably add a little ribbon or a bow to the sugar jar to glam it up.  Or maybe a rhinestone strip!  That would be fun…


Oh, I forgot to mention this little gem!  it’s my heater I found at Walmart for only $9.88!!!!  And it really kicks out heat!  It’s perfect for my office.  It works so well that we got 3 more for when the rooms get that little chill.  It also doubles as a fan in the summer, so win-win!


I hope you enjoyed my little coffee/tea bar and I hope it inspires you to make one of your own.

Until next time!



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