Irresponsible or Unorganized?

Being unorganized can look a lot like being irresponsible.  Think about it:  lack of storage, organization or a cleaning process can lead to being junky.  Junky means you’re not as efficient or productive and can look a lot like being irresponsible (or even lazy)!  Why do I bring this all up?  Well, a few weeks ago I learned the difference the hard way.  I lost a check for a 3 digit sum written to me a day before I was to cash it.  What did I do?  Rallied the troops and tore the house up looking for it, of course!  But while I was looking, I noticed that the problem areas in my home were due to a lack of organization.  And it was a vicious cycle!  The same arguments came up because of the same issues due to lack of process.  One was incoming mail.  Another was kid clutter.  Another was business papers.  Another was laundry.  Why?  No plan in place for how to deal with it.  So I had to sit and think about it and see how we could overcome this dilemma.  I’ll ask you:

If you have a process in place and something disrupts it, how does it make you feel?  Discouraged?

When you don’t have a process for something, how does it make you feel?  Hopeless?

Consider your children.  What always gets put away?  What never gets put away?  What do they groan about putting away?  How easy is it for them to access their storage?  My son had less issues with putting clothes away until I put a tension bar HIS height in his closet.

If your children are dumpers, get bins that are free standing.  you may even give them a dustpan to scoop legos, cars, toy soldiers or other small items.

Now that I’ve asked you some questions, back to me.  I had a revelation.  I’m super efficient at work (in one of my offices) and 90% of the time know where things are.  In my other office & my home office, I’m a hot mess.  God showed me why this morning.  What did I have at the office I love compared to the ones I don’t?  Specific storage.  I have a desk with hanging file folders.  Hanging file folders attached to the desk I’m working are a must for me.  I’ve tried putting them in regular drawers, standing files that sit on your desk and in standing file trays.  They don’t work for me.  Next were the files that I’m grabbing often.  I need stacking trays for those.  One for each situation (incoming, outgoing, to do lists and supplies like paper or notepads).  Now that I know what works, I’ve got to mirror that style in my other work office & my office at home.

I also noticed that when my space was out of whack, so were a lot of other things.  Why was my son doing math with papers strewn everywhere on my office floor?  Because I opted to downsize from a huge desk to one I thought was “cute”.  Now it’s not cute at all with all this stuff everywhere.

My household junk drawers are overflowing for the same reason.   There’s a spot where we put all incoming mail on the corner of the kitchen counter.  The trash can used to be at the end of the counter so when you read mail, you put junk in the trash.  Now there’s a bookcase with plasticware and styrofoam plates and a spot for trash bags down below.  Since I’m upgrading the kitchen, that will have to be reworked.  We’re getting off plasticware (got new silverware-step one) and next is styrofoam.  If we don’t get off it, we at least have to relocate it so the trash can can go back and the junk drawer isn’t full of mail!  So when I upgraded it, I decided to leave the trash cans where they were (the person on the end would be eating besides the trash cans otherwise-eew).  But we got a handy hanging pocket organizer inside the pantry.  We labeled the pockets with everything from bills to house maintenance, a pocket for each child, one for receipts, one for ads and one for catalogs.  OH. MY. GOSH.  You’ve got to try it!  I got it from Amazon for under $20.  Best thing ever.

I redid my closet so my clothes are color coordinated & I can tell what’s missing or how close I am to needing laundry done just by looking.

I redid my storage of clothes so now all the summer & spring stuff is up & away.  Greensboro is a hot mess.  You could wear all 4 seasons of clothes in one day, much less a week or month!  Layering is key.

I need to do my shoes.  Even though the weather is crazy, I was raised that you don’t wear sandals after the lows drop below 60.  Cuts down on colds and other foolishness.

Even my purse got a new process.  I have specific places to put receipts, checks, withdrawal/deposit slips and other items so I will never misplace things again.

My phone got an update.  Ditched some apps and moved some around so they make sense to be grouped together.  I love my phone because you can create folders the home page.  I hate searching for apps!

Now on to email…I’ve got a post about that, too!  So anyway, this post was long.  Almost 1000 words!  So I think I’ve said enough.  Let me know if you’d like to know my storage and organization ideas in more detail.

Until next time, try NOT to kill your kids!



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