10 of My Favorite Things From 2015

Yeah, this post is kind of late, but I found some things the last week of the year that I had to test out before I spoke on them. I have great things for home & business, but I’ll keep them separate.

1. This little thing

IMG_20151203_131505 IMG_20151203_131514 IMG_20151203_131549

I found this little handy dandy organizer this year at Dollar Tree. It originally had Q-tips, cotton pads & cotton balls in it. However, I started swapping items out and ended up putting my plackers (the floss thingies) in one compartment. I pulled out the pink swabs and put in blue ones for the hubby so now we have a great sink organizer that’s super compact. I guess if I wanted to glam it up I could spray it with Krylon paint to make it match our bathroom decor. Hmmm….that just may happen this week!  Oh, I also got another one and use it as a portable hair kit.  I keep 2 kinds of bobby pins (open end & closed), elastic ties & gator clips.  It’s awesome for wash days.  I can take it in front of the tv or laptop and watch a movie & do my hair without having to keep getting up for something!

2. The Color Note app

I think I mentioned this one before, but it does double duty for home & work/business. You can make stickies (on your screen using a widget), create text (great for authors who hate to type), make checklists (grocery shopping is now a breeze). You can share your lists, create reminders for them, share them, sync the app across all your devices & color code them (green for business, red for urgent, blue for bills, etc.). It’s an awesome little tool!  And did you know you can download apps to your devices even if you’re not on the device?  Try it!  Look up an app on your computer and it’ll most likely have a way to download it to your device.  You may have to log into something, but I thought it was too cool not to share.

3. Bloglovin’
I love this app for leisure. I love to read blogs, but hate remembering/visiting/bookmarking them. Bloglovin‘ lets you put all the blogs you love in one place. It automatically updates with new posts and even tells you how many you haven’t read. Even better, it suggests blogs you may like that are similar to ones in your list. Heaven!!!

4. Apple slicer
This is obviously for home, but now my 9 & 11 year old can cut their own apples. Now that’s progress! Over Christmas break I’d probably have cut about 15-20 apples by now. I showed them how to use it and they were off and running. It allowed me to stay focused on my business by not having to get up every time they got snacky. CAUTION: THIS IS NOT FOR SMALL CHILDREN. THE APPLE SLICER IS SHARP! EACH CHILD IS DIFFERENT, SO ONLY YOU KNOW IF YOUR CHILD IS READY TO BE TRUSTED TO HANDLE ONE ON THEIR OWN. IF YOU’RE IN DOUBT, USE IT YOURSELF!! Either way, you’ll be slicing apples like a ninja!  I got it from Christmas Tree Shops for less than $5.  I’m sure you could find ones at Target or Walmart as well.  The link in the title is to a Google shopping search I did.

5. Goodwill Pickup Service (FRREEEEEEE)
Oh. My. God. I don’t have to load all this crap up anymore??!?!?! Jeeeesus, thank ya!!! Y’all don’t understand. We give away at least 50 items per month (remember, we have 3 children), so a monthly Goodwill trip is almost always required. But when I donated a ton of stuff from my business, I found out that they pick up! Could you imagine what it would be like to clean out your garage now? Your storage unit? I just set you free, honey. Yes, I take cash for all that gratitude flowing over you right now.

Business Tips

6. No Crop app
This app saves me so much aggravation.  This thing automatically squares off your pics so you don’t have to crop/resize them. I use it for posting groups of pics on Instagram, FB, Twitter, G+, etc. I love that I can save whatever I create & use it however I want.

7. Textgram app
Textgram is the wing man for the No Crop app. Once I create a great picture, I can write on it or create borders if need be. Maybe I’ll find an all in one app and then I’ll ditch both. If you guys know of one, let me know.

8. Shopify app
This app is the best. You have to have a store through Shopify, but it’s just the absolute bomb. You can see your stats, add/edit/remove products, see your orders & your referrals. You can even see how many items you have listed as out of stock. Best of all, when you get an order, you can see everything about it. No, y’all EVERYTHING! Name, address, shipping, taxes, how they paid, notes they left, line items, if they accept marketing, if they’ve created an account with your, their phone, address, map of their address, directions to their address, and you can copy/open their address, phone or email. Whew! That was a mouthful, but that’s why it’s so awesome!

9. Making over my work space
This is so underrated. You guys simply must do it. Chucking the clutter, getting color coordinated, finding the right spot & putting everything you need into it will all make a world of difference in your productivity. I used to struggle to blog once a week. It seems like I can’t stop now! All those ideas on stickies are finally coming to fruition!

10. Time Tune app
If you need an app to track your productivity, this may be your thing. You can make a regular schedule for a week, a few days or however long you want. For example, I have a different set of goals on set days of the week. I can set schedules for any goals and have them all run at the same time. When I was making my calendar before, I’d try to look at each day & see what I needed to do, no matter if it was family, work or business. Now I can set different schedules, with icons/emoji that tell me what’s upcoming. You can have popups on your screen (instead of missing them in your notification bar) as well as audible reminders. I can’t even do it justice with an explanation. Just check it out. It may be just what you need to keep everything organized. It tracks your productivity, but I just found it about a week ago, so I’m not in that deep yet.

Double Bonus:

11.  My office “coffee” bar
First, I don’t have coffee in there (I have a coffee pot for tea, hot chocolate & for grits) and second, it should have a much cooler name because of how awesome it is! My newest happy space has turned my office into a true sanctuary. Even though it’s small, it’s powerful. It houses my tea station, all the amenities & snacks! So whether I’m working, helping kids with homework or binging on Netflix, I’m all set. I may put a microwave in here one day, but my husband may interpret it as me trying to move out. LOL!!! Anyway, I’ll do an entire post on it so you can see why it’s so special & why I think you should have one in your special space too.

12.  A new attitude about my business
I’m not playing around this year.  I’ve been doubtful in the past (which has caused me to take lefts & rights instead of trudging ahead), but now I’m sure.  I will not take one more webinar, schedule one more mentoring appointment.  God has made it super & abundantly clear that every step I’ve made had a purpose and that I’m right where I’m supposed to be.  I realize that even my errors were in my favor.  I’ve learned & relearned, taught & retaught.  Poured & received.  Given & taken.  I’m not failing, I’m learning.  I’m networking.  I’m building.  I’m strengthening myself & others.  I’m good.  I’m confident.  I’m blessed.  I’m a blessing.  I’m provided for.  I’m secure.  I’m saved, redeemed, delivered, deeply loved & adored.  I’m a child of the King.  I’m at peace.  I’m unstoppable.  I’m in Christ.  There’s no such thing as failure or loss.  It’s the year of receiving all that Christ died to give me.  Everything.

So, those are my favorite things.  Please let me know if you have some favorites you’ve discovered recently.  I look forward to hearing about them!

Until next time,




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