How To Keep a Ninja Purse

j0438418Crazy title, right?  I know.  I can come up with some stuff!  So let me clarify.  I HATE to change purses.  I know for some people it’s a lifestyle, and when I used to have a collection of handbags, it was my thing.  But now I don’t look forward to it. After some were stained, torn, one cut off in a robbery attempt (that’s another story) & advice from my chiropractor, I’ve only got 2 right now.  One big, one little.  So what’s a ninja purse?  One you can get and out of like a cool breeze.

In my past purse hoarding life, I’d have a ton of stuff in what I called “the depths of my purse”.  I’d be digging, searching, shuffling, always trying to locate something.  Even when I organized all my items into different colored zipper pouches, I’d be annoyed because there was just too much stuff.  So, to combat some of the drama, I decided to figure out how to keep what I needed where I needed it and to ditch the rest.  Not to mention how to “rotate out” my purses and keep it at a manageable level.

My first trick was to always keep certain staples in my purses.  ALL of them.  Whether I was currently using it or not.

What to ALWAYS keep in your purse:

  1.  Tissues.  Snot happens.  Clean it up.  Not to mention crumbs, grease, tears & chewed gum that needs to be tossed.
  2. Lotion.  Nothing cute about being ashy.  Nothing at all.  Scentless lotion is best because other people have allergies.  No sense in losing all those tissues you just stashed in your purse because you set off someone’s sneezer with your Bath & Body Works super powerful floral scent.
  3. Feminine stuff.  You already know.  You CANNOT RISK being without your monthly battle armor!  If you’re like me, you have emergency kits in each vehicle, your desk at work and your purse.  Putting it in a cute pouch takes some of the eeew out of the whole situation.
  4. Eyeglass kit.  Dollar Tree has great ones with spare nose pads, cleansing cloths, screwdrivers, screws in multiple sizes & magnifying glass.  Super slim & super handy.
  5. Hair stuff.  Bobby pins, elastic bands, etc.  I don’t know what you need for your ‘do, but I know no one wants to know what you look like when you don’t have it.  lol  Put these items in a pouch to avoid digging around for them.
  6. Phone charger cords/banks.  I hate to hear the “beep beep” when my phone’s about to die.  Sometimes I even keep a mini wall charger so I can recharge.  A pouch could be good for these as well.
  7. Gum.  Whether it’s for you or a friend, the world is better with fresh breath.
  8. Hand sanitizer.  I refer back to # 1.  It doesn’t go bad, so you can put one in each purse and just leave it there.

Things to ALWAYS rotate out or clean out on a regular basis

  1. Makeup.  You’ve seen the reports.  Your face WILL rot & fall off if you use old makeup.  You’ve been warned.
  2. Receipts, notes, paper in general.  That stuff you wrote on something about someone has to get to the right place, right?  Clean it out and lighten your load (in your purse and on your mind).
  3. Food. Eeew.  Just eew.  Clean out the cookie crumbs, old muffin wrappers, ketchup packets, or whatever else you’ve stashed in there.
  4. Loose change.  That stuff gets really heavy really fast.
  5. Unnecessary crap.  Sorry, bad word!  You don’t need ONE gym sock, your brother’s old driver’s license expired 5 years ago, 15 royalty cards (there’s an app that lets you store them ALL in your phone) or your kids 50 pounds of toys & lollipop sticks.  Clean it out & be free!

Ok, so I hope this little list has helped you.  If you have helpful hints on how to keep a clutter free purse, please share!  We all need all the help we can get!  And if you’ve been experiencing shoulder pain or tightness, muscle tightness in your neck or opposite side where you carry your purse it may be time to switch sides.  Consult your doctor to be sure.

So what do you have rattling around in your purse?  What’s your must have item?  Your must toss item?  Your “why in the world is this in here?” item?

Can’t wait to hear!


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