5 Things You ABSOLUTELY Must Do This Christmas!

Hey guys!  I’m back from vacation & have lots to share.  You’ll get pics later, but for now, the focus is CHRISTMAS!!!  I have just a few things for you to check off your list this year.  Some are fun, some are gross, some are just good practice.  Ready?  Here we go!

  1.  If you’re soaking your ham in the kitchen sink (Lord, where else would you soak it-don’t answer that), be sure to clean the drain plug/cover.  Just this morning I decided to soak some ribs to clean & thaw them & thought:  when’s the last time I cleaned the drain plug?  Eeew!  Wait, if I haven’t been cleaning it, who has??!  EEEEW??!?!?  So you see how valuable this info is.  And if you regularly clean it, don’t judge me.  Besides, my super neat freak of a husband more than likely cleans it multiple times a day when he washes dishes BY HAND.  Yeah, that was a good dollop of snarky.  A BIG dollop.
  2. Don’t make small things a big issue.  So what if everything isn’t perfect?  What’s your focus?  Appearances or enjoying the ones you’re with?  Oh yeah, and don’t forget it’s the celebration of our Savior’s birth.  He created us perfectly flawed, so striving for perfection is like trying to put an octopus in a jelly jar.  It was a crazy idea at the onset.  Moving on…
  3. Take more pictures this year.  Unless you’re one of THOSE people who load social media with so many updates that we could scroll your page and get the video version.  You know who you are.  Go have a drink or feed the homeless.  We see you way too much.  Love you, though!!
  4. Don’t overspend.  I know that’s a sin for me to say for some, but seriously.  Don’t get your kids and spouse, 5 siblings, their kids, the neighbors and their 15 dogs hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of presents and fancy cards and then can’t pay your light bill next month.  Spending time is better than spending money anyway.  Make memories, not debts.
  5. Get some sleep!!!!  If you’re tired, take a nap.  If you’re exhausted, take 2 naps.  Assign some of the tasks to someone else and pay your body for what you put it through.  No sense in burning stuff, forgetting stuff, messing up stuff, cussing folk out & having to dole out apologies when a good solid rest is what you need to avoid a bad situation.

Ok, that’s all for now.  The oven just preheated.  SWEET POTATO PIE IS GOING IN Y’ALL!!!  One day I’m gonna make one from scratch (but today, Mrs. Smith’s gets a big shout out).  I want a recipe that has crushed pineapple and pecans in it.  Anybody got a good recipe?  Ok, well love y’all and have a



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