Naps, Pajamas, Socks & Other Items on My Christmas List

Christmas_centerpieceIt’s 3am.  Don’t expect a lot of coherent thought in this post.  This is due to the fact that it’s 3am and that these last 2 weeks have been very productive.  I’ve finished up with my classes that I teach, closed out a store lease, prepped for an upcoming event, contacted all of my children’s teachers, helped the husband with his website & managed to maintain throughout.  Thank God.

So, on to the fun stuff! I have made this massive Christmas list of things I’d love for Christmas. Lol…ok, it’s really like 5 things!

#1 is some naps.  I mean a week’s worth of good old fashioned, Homer Simpson naps.  Complete with snoring, mouth open & drooling!  (Can I get an Amen?!)

#2 is pajamas.  Doesn’t seem major, right?  Well, I have a “unique” build.  I’m not tall, but have long arms & legs.  I’m not too plump, but I’m insanely busty.  If I get the correct size to fit my height, the sleeves are like 3/4 length & the pants look like bell bottoms (the yoga pants I’m in are like 2 inches above my ankles).  If I get the size to fit my bust, it looks like I’m wearing a box made of fabric aka a tent.  So, yeah.  I’ve had a lot of pajama trial & error.  My Christmas wish is to find a super cute pair that fit properly before & after washing (and we all know that after pjs are washed they can turn into something entirely different).

#3 socks.  Let’s just say mine go missing.  And I’m not the one taking them.  They end up in another person’s drawer.  I won’t name names.  I just need about 6 pairs of socks.  That’s what I get for buying generic socks.  That’s ok!  Next time they’ll have all manner of cupcakes, flowers, butterflies and stuff so no one can say, “Oh, these are yours?”  Durn sock pirates…

#4 a new tablet.  Man, I miss the joys of soaking in the tub on a Saturday afternoon watching Netflix til folks start questioning my pulse.  Have you ever binge watched while in the tub?  Baby, if not, you’re missing out big time!  Well, 2 of my tablets died.  One won’t charge because the port requires you jiggle & hold it just right & the other’s charger cord is acting up.  So…yeah I guess that means both won’t charge.  (The downside of writing posts at 3am just kicked in)  Anyway, one of them has also decided to give me crazy error messages like “You have installed no apps”.  What??!  NO apps?  Yep, no apps.  And there’s NO apps on it.  Hot mess…So I need at least 1 tablet to replace both.  But I think I saw the Amazon Fire for $50.  Anyone had one or heard any reviews on it:

#5 a new desk.  The desk I’m using is a vanity.  It’s super cute, but has none of the functionality I need.   It doesn’t have any big file drawers & is less than 3 feet wide.  I’ve just got to suck it up & go find a new desk.  I’ll be hitting some thrift stores soon.

So,  that’s my list.  What’s on your list this year?  92119622d6684218c853edf254bb6727

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