Plans. Foiled. Shot. Blown.

I can’t believe it. My Plan A was to go to my in-laws.  Found out 3 days ago that they have to work. So that plan is shot.  My parents had already reached out, but we’d pretty much said we’d be out of town.

My Plan B was to:
1. Order Chinese
(What? Our family LOVES Chinese food. But it can get kind of pricey by the time everyone orders what they want),

2. Order the pre-made meal from Food Lion
(I heard on good authority from some church mothers that they’re “quite tasty!”) or

3. Scavenge
(there’s chicken noodle soup, fried chicken, chili, spaghetti, frozen ribs & frozen chicken in there). What are we cooking for?

But under NO CIRCUMSTANCES was I planning on this plan:


What the what???! Cook? Ain’t nobody got time for that!! This was supposed to be a Relax-giving. A Chill-giving. A Mommy-ain’t-cooking-so-go-find-something-to-eat-giving. And my husband KNEW IT. But what does he say this morning? At like 8am? While I’m rearranging my ENTIRE office which is full of jewelry, sewing stuff & furniture?

“What are we eating for Thanksgiving? I’m going to the store on my way to work. Y’all make a list.”

Oh my God…the thoughts. The ideas. The terrible, terrible things that I allowed to run through my mind about that man. My face? Nothing but one coldly poised eyebrow ready to strike fear and terror into any who foolheartedly gazed upon it.


I’m better than that. God has been too good for that. So I made up some stuff about not having enough money, not getting paid til Friday, a phenomenally high light bill, trash bill, etc. was paid in advance cuz you said “we would just eat whatever is here” (during the last 2 weeks that I’ve been asking you what we’ll do). Well, that took all the wind out of his sails! So he left for work. Oddly, he didn’t sound sad. He just took inventory of the fridge, said “Yeah, there’s a ton of food in here. Let’s just eat that.” And took off for the J.O.B.

But what happened next will land me some points. The kids & I hatched a plan. A devious plan. I’m hitting the store & we’re cooking today. So there will be NO cooking tomorrow. He can enjoy the yumminess when he gets home today, have food all day tomorrow and even pack lunch when he goes back in on Friday.

Yeah, I had a moment. Who doesn’t? But like those 2 brothers in the Bible: It’s not what you say, it’s where your heart is. And it’s where your heart is that drives what you do.

So y’all pray for me.  I’m about to go brave the Pre-Thanksgiving grocery store aisles.  Pray I make it back alive with everything I need & the favor to get it done before 3:15!  I guess I’ll be using those tips I gave you guys last time after all!!  lol  I pray your holiday is blessed and that you really, really enjoy your family & friends.

Love ya & Happy Thanksgiving!




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