My Favorite Holiday Dinner Timesaving Shortcuts!

Hi guys!  I really think you are going to enjoy this post, but because of the timing of it, I do not have many or any pictures of most of what I’m talking about! So you would just have to trust me this time. I’m not even sure if I will be cooking this year, so I can’t even promise that I’ll have any of my pictures to share later. So sorry!  But for those who are cooking, I want it to help you out. Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I thought I would share some of my favorite tried and true holiday dinner shortcuts. It is very close to Thanksgiving, so I’m going to cut the fluff! Here is what you will need.

1.  2 crock pots (the size depends on your particular needs-can be 1 dial or programmable, won’t matter)
2.  A ham
3.  A turkey breast
4.  2 large cookie sheets
5.  French toast ingredients

I don’t know if you have connected the dots yet, but if you haven’t I’ve got you covered! For the last few years I have cut my cooking time down by almost 75% just by doing one simple thing. Putting the ham in a crock pot and putting a turkey breast in a crock pot. Now, everybody does their ham and turkey different. Some people don’t eat ham, some people don’t eat turkey. So you just modify this to fit your family.

Basically, we use a shank cut ham. I think that’s what it is. Maybe it’s a shoulder. Either way, just soak the thing in your sink in cold water for at least one hour to pull salt from the meat. If you like, you can soak in 3 hours or even overnight. This next step is very important! Be sure that the ham will fit into your crockpot. If you have to, cut it in half, throw half of it in the freezer for Christmas and throw the other half into the crock pot for Thanksgiving! It will be so tender that it will start to fall off the bone anyway, so you won’t really know that you butchered it before you even started cooking it. Cook it on low for 10 hours or you can cook it for 6 hours. Either way, you don’t have to babysit it! No buying tons of foil, no cooking yourself half to death, no running up your electricity bill!

Same thing for the turkey breast. Make sure that it will fit into your crock pot. Put it in there and season it heavily. I mean heavily. Like two to three times what you usually use as far as seasoning. When I was young, my mom used to put the turkey in about four or five layers of aluminum foil .  It’s only been recently that she started getting those turkeys in a bag.  I don’t use the bag turkeys that much. The one time I did it I didn’t have  a good experience.  So I went back to using the foil method. If you use the foil method, a turkey is in the oven and you have it all wrapped up, you have usually put seasoning on top of the bird and because of the foil, the seasoning will infuse into the meat. Well, it’s a little bit different with the crock pot. Condensation occurs and a lot of times the seasoning can end up at the bottom. So, if you like, you can turn the turkey breast so that the breast side is down and the ribs are facing up. That way, you know the seasoning will be in the meat. Just be careful when you pull it out because if its super tender, the whole thing will fall apart! But if you leave it right side up, season it heavily and he should be fine. So, that in total makes two items that you don’t have to worry about so far.

Up next is breakfast. I do not enjoy cooking breakfast on Thanksgiving morning or Christmas morning. Call it selfish if you want, I just dont. I would rather be doing other things with my family. Also, I like it when we can eat at the same time and everybody relax! So I came across a recipe from one of the members of a networking group that I used to belong to. It was oven baked french toast. Now for some reason, I thought I share this recipe on the blog before, so don’t be surprised if you read about it before. But in 15 minutes you can have about 20 to 30 pieces of baked french toast. & I mean it is good. No, I mean gooood!!! I have seen the recipe on Pinterest and some other places, but it’s a slightly different spin. I have seen the recipe on Pinterest and some other places, but its a slightly different spend. This recipe is a no fail. And understand, I can really screw up recipe! Lol so I can get it right every time, there must be a whole bunch of Jesus in it!!

As of now, this is all I can think of to help you guys out. Like I said, I might not even be cooking this year. We have a plan B, which is to either eat Chinese for Thanksgiving or to buy one of the premade dinners from Food Lion. I know I just rocked some of your worlds, but please don’t think that we are doing it for some reason to be pitied. It’s because we just want to rest and enjoy each other.  And I will be going all in for Christmas!

So what do you do to save time?

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