Family Room Entertainment Center Makeover

Hi guys!

This post is a little weird.  Like the other ones are normal, right?  Anyway, our family room has a massive Thomasville entertainment center that we’re not using.  Why aren’t we using it?  Because the people I live with are “special”.  Ok, full disclosure, the TV fits inside, but the children couldn’t see the tv from the kitchen island where they ate.  So my husband opted (much to my protest) to put the tv on top.  Yeah, it solved the problem, but to me it’s an eyesore.  Don’t worry, I’ll get my way eventually. (mwah ha haaaaa!)  Since it was left as an empty shell, I was very frustrated.  I only paid $35 for the thing so I had every intention of using it.  And on a side note, who pays only $35 for a Thomasville piece like this?  God’s kids, that’s who!  Ok, back to the entertainment center.  It had a ton of space that wasn’t being utilized.  I mean, the bottom shelves were, but there was only a Jenga game sitting in the vast 3 x 3 x 4 or so cubic feet of space inside.  Wasted space drives me nuts, especially when there’s an abundance of  clutter sitting around!

So I decided to go all gangsta on this piece.  Lol!!!!  I took all of my daughter’s & my craft supplies and sorted them out.  Then I considered that all of our Wii stuff needed a good home.  I was going to use 3M hooks, but I was being cheap & lazy.  I tried to draw a layout of how all of the Wii remotes, Wii steering wheels, the golf thing, the tennis racket and the baseball handles were to go.  Yeah… instant headache.  I teach math, not engineering, people!!  So I sipped some tea and realized that I had baskets & bins sitting around that I’d begun to hate.  I got some off the counter, filled them with Wii stuff, grabbed an old basket & filled it with scrap cardboard & pulled out some old wire shelving that I’d chucked in the hall closet.  After all that, I came up with this!


I especially love the shelving because all our scrapbook paper fit perfectly.  I even gave my daughter her own shelf.  The grey hardware storage (the thing with the labels on the front of the drawers) house beads, blue, paint, yarn and all manner of tools & stuff.  This is not too bad I think.  Much better than before.IMG_20151117_072336

And it all neatly fits inside this big, brown behemoth!IMG_20151117_072359

So, on to part 2 of this makeover.  We used to house snacks in dollar tree bins beside the fridge.  It was nice at first (cuz that area was super messy & they served their purpose).  But I’m not playin’ about classing this place up, y’all!  So I took some stands from my store & filled them with good for you goodies.IMG_20151117_072218 IMG_20151117_072201 (1) IMG_20151117_072144

I found the stands from Christmas Tree Shops for $5 each.  They didn’t come with the plates.  I got a huge haul of  about a dozen clear plates & saucers at a garage sale for about $3.  It was crazy!!!  But I know you can get clear plates at Dollar Tree.  I may see if the white, square plates from Dollar Tree would fit.  I plan to get rid of all of our old kiddie containers and organization & upgrade it to the “grown folk” look.  I’m also upgrading the silverware and possibly the place mats.  I’ll keep you in the loop.  So let me know what you think about my mini makeover!



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