Introducing My Friend: Squit Squit

Today, I must reveal one of my big cleaning secrets.  I keep it hidden in plain sight because it’s just too cute.  He blends in with my decor every time I refill him.  Who is it?  Squit Squit!


I can’t believe I never introduced him to you before!  Well, here he is!!  No guys, I haven’t lost it this time.  This little dude is just my LIFESAVER!  I wrote a post this past summer about cleaning & organizing my countertops.  Maybe you remember these pics (aka I can’t find my own post where I originally wrote about it):

counter view 1 counter view3 counter view4

Do you notice my little guy?  See those counters shine?!  That’s his handiwork.  So, let me give one little confession.  Even though the bottle says Windex, it’s not Windex any more.  It’s Lysol!  Yes, with a little effort & maybe a broken nail, you can screw off the top, rinse it out and refill with the cleaner of your choice.  It even has a lock feature so the little ones can’t spill it or go bananas squirting it at each other.  You may wonder what happened to my other cleanser.  It’s still our main go-to.  I still use my hubby’s secret cleaning mix everywhere else, but it’s all about Squit Squit on the counters (for now).  Here’s the type of Lysol I’m using.  There are other scents, but I’m traditional.


It’s working well so far on pretty much everything.  Well…except one thing.  The catch tray for the water/ice dispenser.  I’ve tried some of everything (short of straight bleach) but not luck so far on getting the perfect clean I’m looking for.  But that’s another post…

So, I hope you enjoyed my little hidden gem!  Go grab one for your kitchen, bath or classroom (works great on removing dry eraser-spot test first, though!)

Until next time, take care!


8 thoughts on “Introducing My Friend: Squit Squit

      1. Bleach sets my head spinning (even in the washer) but Pine Sol smell is awesome! We used to use it on our floors (before our steam mop died). We had to use milder products because one of our children was diagnosed with RSV at 3 weeks, then asthma at about 4 years old. But he’s healed now (thank God) so we could go back.

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