Quick Fall Makeovers! A DIY Project You Won’t Believe!

Hi guys.  I hope you’re having a great day!  Well,  have a quick DIY to share.  I saw this on a wonderful blog, Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer.  Aren’t these absolutely gorgeous!!?!??!??

Paris-Box Paris-Box-15 Harlequin-Box-2

As soon as I saw the pictures, I knew I had to try it.  I’m not sure if I’ve divulged this before, but I love to browse Goodwill for discarded treasures.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found uber-expensive name brand clothing with the tags still on!  So I took a few hours to go treasure hunting a few weeks ago and would you believe that I found one of these?!?!!  I was SOOOOO excited to get started.  It took a while to sit down and plan out what I wanted to do, because I wasn’t even sure that I’d find the box, so I hadn’t planned yet!  So, it took me a while but I think it came out well for someone who had to backtrack and come up with a plan. Here are some before pics:

-Front view-


-Inside view-image

-Some seal-image

-Bottom drawer-


I got to gutting.  It looked like this: (Pretty Eeew if you ask me!)


I got some basic paint and gave it a good once over.



Ummmm….no dice.  Time for coat 2.  Looks more promising.


Oh yeah, that’s better!  Hmmm…should I use a clear sealer?  Probably.  Who knows what it’ll end up being used for?  Anything from jewelry to glassware to pencils knowing me!  Ok, next was lining it.  I wanted to line it with drawer liner, but I kept finding crazy colors.  I know I’d gotten the drawer liner before, but kept going to stores & not finding it.   I had an old piece of liner, but it wasn’t big enough.  I remembered that I had some contact paper so I decided to go with that.  I wanted something that I could wipe down if it got dirty or wet and could be covered or ripped out if need be.  So felt or fabric wasn’t a good option and painting required too much perfection underneath.  So contact paper it was.


I also decided to add some unique details to add more class.  I went with some leftover ribbon that coordinated with the chairs in my office.  I took some spray adhesive & coated the back of the ribbon and applied it to either end of the box.  If you’ve never tried this stuff, give it a shot.  It works miracles on some of the most unusual projects!


Here’s how it looks while it was drying.  I just have a few edges to trim and I’m done!




IMG_20151103_123637 IMG_20151103_125555 IMG_20151103_125608 IMG_20151103_125622


I am just in love with it.  I will use it for surplus jewelry for now, but it’ll make a great piece for the upcoming store.  I’ll be sure to announce the grand opening (& probably quite a bit about it before) when we do!

IMG_20151103_055008 IMG_20151103_055106  IMG_20151103_054700 wpid-img_20151103_054927.jpgIMG_20151103_055227


*Hindsight is 20/20.  Here’s some things I would’ve done differently:

  1.  Cut the lining as one big long rectangle that will cover the inside top, hinge & inside bottom.
  2. Use the original liner I was looking for.  Because the contact paper already had glue, it was a bit trickier than if it didn’t.
  3. Trim using a box cutter, not scissors.  Even though you can glide the scissors (like when cutting wrapping paper) it still left a little to be trimmed.
  4.  Paint the hardware!  I completely forgot.  Now I’m at the bring of not caring.  Maybe it’s the fumes.
  5. Done this project ages ago!  It turned out so nice that I know I’ll get another box and revamp it!  Maybe rhinestone trim next time.  Or faux croc skin.  Or pad the top!  So many options…

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this DIY project.  I had a ball!  Now off to my next set of projects.


******************************                                                              ******************************

Here are some more upcoming DIYs.  Would you like to see how I’ll transform these too?  Just let me know & I’ll keep you posted!


wpid-img_20151031_135933.jpg imageimage image

7 thoughts on “Quick Fall Makeovers! A DIY Project You Won’t Believe!

    1. You are so welcome. Thanks for the compliment. I owe it to my daughter. I’d never be able to do it without her inspiring me to do crafts from My Froggy Stuff! It’s for girls, but you can revamp the tutorials for boys too. My son’s have made all kinds of stuff. I think you’d both like it!


  1. Yours turned out so pretty!! You really did a great job. Those old flatware boxes are perfect for storing so many things! XO
    -Christy @Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer

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