Quick DIY Fall Wreath

Hi guys!   Here’s a quick DIY home decor craft.  I love to go to Goodwill when I’m bored.  But the good thing is, I find a lot of cool stuff!  Like bags of ornaments,


wreaths with creepy flowers attached (yeah, those have gotta go),



and with some hot glue and odds and ends from previous fall decorations (an old ribbon and a letter I got from Walmart, I think),


I can make something pretty snazzy!  Whatcha think??

Front door .jpg

Now I will say that this puppy was pretty heavy.  I tried putting it on the door with 3M strips (I think they said they held 6 or 8 lbs.), but they couldn’t hold it.  So I decided to put it on my porch light.  I was concerned about the heat setting it ablaze, but with the type of bulb, it doesn’t even generate any heat!  Yay!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little DIY.  I’ll be back with more of my favorite things.  If you haven’t already, check me out on FB & IG where I post goodies I find on sale, things that’ll save you time and headaches, and silly stuff my family and I do.



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