Great Kitchen Cleaning & Organization Tips!

Hi guys!

Just a few quick notes.

I was cooking this morning & realized how IN LOVE I am with my ceramic cooking set.  I only have 3 pieces (a small pot, a round pan and a square pan), but I just adore them!  Why?

One:  the cooking surface is awesome.  No sticking, no dents or dips or other weird stuff.

Two:  It literally can be cleaned in seconds.  A squirt of soap & a quick rub and everything is gone!

Three:  The handles are padded with this wonderful squishy stuff.

Four:  I got ALL 3 pieces on clearance for like $14 bucks (less than the cost of one piece elsewhere I’m sure).

It was a killer find at Christmas Tree Shops!  The only con is that it’s not for the dishwasher.  But that’s not a dealbreaker for me because there are 4 pros!

So my tip for today?  Go get a ceramic set!

On to my next tips:

Bag your meat.
What do I mean?  Well, our fridge used to get “fridge funk”.  You know that smell that is a mishmash of all kinds of things.  So we slayed the beast by bagging all of our meats.  The menfolk in my home like hot dogs, bologna & lunch meat.  That stuff…the smell can do things to me.  So I got a bunch of ziploc bags and went to work.  After a while, I went nuts.  I bagged everything!  Sausage, ribs, chicken (go ahead & marinade it while you’re bagging it) & any other fresh meat you keep in the meat drawer.  Save yourself the hassle of buying baking soda & it using prime real estate in your fridge!

Drink a ton of tea?  Try this “cheat”!

Sometimes I have tea days.  Don’t want coffee, soda, or even water.  It’s usually a cold coffee pot 2day when I have a movie or a lot of reading planned.  So what do I grab?  TEA!  And I’m to the point that I need to make or buy one of those tea boxes.  It’s really sad.  I have at least 5 types of tea at any given time.  I love peppermint tea (good for the sinuses and great when you have Christmas on your mind).  Green tea for those times you want to “get things moving”.  The hubby loves black tea (he makes sun tea rain or shine-in bulk-who needs 2 pitchers at a time??)  I keep chamomile at all times so I won’t kill anyone.  Nothing beats ginger tea for that week of the month that it sucks to be a girl.  Then there are my tea blends.  Ah, bliss!  But when you want a lot of tea but not enough to make a gallon, who wants to keep getting up steeping new bags or mixing more sugar in?  Not the kid!  So I cheat.  I fill the machine with water, plunk 2-3 bags in the carafe and pour in enough sugar for 3-5 servings.  What do I get?  Pre-made tea!  Just don’t forget to stir it well before pouring.  Nothing is worse than coming up against an iceberg of sugar in your cup.  Give this a shot and let me know what you think!


Another Tea Cheat?  YEP!

Ok this one was from my sad days.  I was given some teavana loose tea, but didn’t know how to macoffee pot loose tea cheatke it.  I actually tried all kinds of crazy things (& swallowed a bit of loose tea leaves in the process) before I came up with this desperate idea.  I took a coffee filter & filled it with tea.  I placed it knot side down & positioned it beneath the spout.  SUCCESS!  Loose tea without the leaves!  Now before you start feeling to sad for me, I finally decided (a few months ago) to find a loose tea steeper.  I found the cutest one on ebay for less than $2 shaped like a strawberry!  It hangs off the side of your cup while bobbing in your water & flavoring your tea!  It’s so cool.  So buh-bye to all my crazy creations.  But if I ever lose my little berry, I know how to still make a mean cup of tea!




I really enjoyed sharing my tips with you guys today.  I hope you enjoyed hanging out.  Be sure to check out more of my organization, cooking & DIYs on my other areas of the blog.  I did a great share last week from some other exceptional bloggers.  I found these this week too.  Enjoy!

More great organization tips here:


Until next time, check out my book for more great ideas!



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      1. No, that’s right up my alley! I’ll start sharing my own diys more often and be sure to include those other topics you mentioned in the lineup. Please check out my former posts to see what I’ve been up to!

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