Why I’m Super Upset with Wendy’s

I’m soooo upset right now. I decided to venture out & get my “go to” meal of a Caesar side salad and 4pc nuggets (one of the few decent fast food meal for under $3) & guess what I hear come out of the speaker? “Ma’am we don’t have the Caesar side salad any more.” WHAAT??!?!??! Oh no, I must’ve heard wrong. Surely this drive through leads to an alternate universe. I replied, “You don’t carry them at all??” “Well, not the side salad. We have the full size and the half salad.” My gaze falls on the price: $4.29 for the half size and $6.29 for the full size. Oh (bad word) no!! You must be crazy! Ok, I know I may sound a little petty (or un-Christian for saying “bad word”) but stick with me for a second.

I was going to do a post about a year ago (it got lost in the shuffle) about what a great deal Wendy’s had on its side salads. You could get a side salad back in the day for 99 cents, but it crept its way up to $1.69 before they recently pulled it from the menu. What’s the big deal? Well, did you know that THE SIDE SALAD AND THE HALF SIDE SALAD WERE THE SAME SIZE?! YES!!! They were charging your $4.29 for a $1.69 salad! Yep…let that sink in playa’.

Here’s another reason it was such a great deal. I give you exhibit A: 2 salad bowls. One is family size (left) and the other is a single serving size (right).  What’s in the bowl on the left?  The spicy Caesar side salad!

salad 2 bowls
Here’s a closeup.  See how the bowl on the left is actually full?  To be honest, the single serving bowl is just too small to contain the salad.  So it was a spectacular deal!salad

Exhibit B:  The salad pictured has chicken in it!  I know that sounds like a “duh” statement, but the salad I was getting had not chicken.  All salad.  So could you imagine?  The bags of salad from the grocery store cost twice as much (on sale even) & don’t always yield that much!

Now, as a businesswoman, I suppose I should respect their decision.  They railroaded a lot of people to make a choice to pad their already obscenely loaded pockets.  I suppose, as a businesswoman, I should applaud them.  I do not.  It was a scam in the beginning and still is now.  You had people paying for less than they thought they were getting.  The whole side salad/half salad/full size salad thing was a sham.  I’ll be at the grocery store buying the $3.69 bagged salad thank you very much.

They’re already making killings at other fast food chains with the large & medium sodas.  You have seen the YouTube video about the McDonald’s large & medium drinks being the same size, right?  Check it out.  Do you think it’s worth $1 more after seeing this?

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/R5lvzWPFSnU&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen><!–iframe>

I don’t frequent these places that often, but I’m just saying, you should get what you think you’re paying for.  There’s supposedly a 6 oz difference so I guess they think it’s a good value.  Phftt.  Whatever.  Ok, next I saw this video about soda sizes around the world.

Intriguing.  But them pouring the soda super fast at the end didn’t sell their point.  Everyone knows soda overflows when poured too fast.  But when you look at the numbers, it is still crazy that someone somewhere feels like we need that much soda in a single serving.  So when I do order soda, I order it without ice.  You get all soda, no water & then I can have several servings to last me about 2 or 3 days if I choose.  But I usually order water anyway.

So, on another note, I dug a little bit and found a video on how fast burgers age (yeah, it’s not the main topic, but I got curious at the end of the first video.  Feel free to watch.  Or not if you have a sensitive tummy.

My favorite comment was:

lol even mold doesn’t want to eat McDonald’s
Dang McDonald’s!  I know that one hurt.  Just another reason I don’t indulge in a lot of drive through places.  Even my kids won’t eat there.  The 3 of them often say “Mommy, the food’s not real.”, “Eeeew!  The place with the fake food?  No thanks!” or “Let’s try somewhere else.”  My biggest red flag was after their most recent food scandals, they never did answer the questions that people posed.  Does anyone else remember the commercials where they insisted their food was real & they’d address each and every question?  Do you remember the big box in the street where people were asking McDonald’s about their food?  We do.  We don’t remember seeing the answers.  Do you?
Oh yeah, I’m still mad with Wendy’s!!

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Super Upset with Wendy’s

    1. Fast food? I don’t think it will until the country develops a less money lusting, goal driven lifestyle. However, there are many instances where fast food is not bad. I love a fast salad, a fast blt, and when you’re traveling it’s a great convenience! I think it should just be fast and good for you. What do you think?


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