Don’t Get Shoved into a Box!

Hi guys,

Just a quick post.  Many of you know I own a business or two ( being my favorite).   I look to serve many types of people with different tastes.  But they all must like one thing: jewelry.  In an effort to serve my followers, I’ve come across many different blogs.  One “blogging rule” I saw broken often was:  Pick one topic.  Only blog about that one topic.

source: evelynkalinoskycoaching . com/bbtoolkit/
source: evelynkalinoskycoaching . com/bbtoolkit/

Having more than one focus will confuse your readers about your focus.  (Side vent:  I found that insulting as a reader, by the way.  Oh, so now I can’t find what I want to read about and click a button?  Please!)

Well anyway, that concept of “one focus” gave me a revelation:  who the heck only focuses on one thing?  I know I don’t.  The phone is beeping, kids asking questions, husband looking for grown folk time & my students sending me emails.  All the while, I just want to take a break to go pee.  Just being real!  So when I thought about my blog, I was like:  why not focus on parenting, marriage, business & food?  That’s what I’m blogging about anyway!  Well, not too much on marriage, but it’s coming.  So I’m going to take a note from some great bloggers and break it up and shake it up.  Not only on this blog either!  I’m going to do it on my fashion blog (, too!

So get ready.  Well, I take that back.  You’ve already got a sneak peek into my lifestyle in that last paragraph.  Let’s just say make some tea & popcorn.  Start a book.  Read more of my previous posts.  All of these grandeur changes may take a while!  But they’re going to happen & I want you guys to hold me accountable.

Now, on to you.  Yes, you.  What are you letting people’s feelings, comments, ideas, schedules & concepts dictate in your life?  Have you done an evaluation lately?  Are you happy?  Whether it’s paint color or relationship, you’re in control of how it’s going.  Take ownership of your life & don’t get shoved in a box!

Until next time, enjoy your life!!!


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