Great Holiday Advice from a Friend of Mine

Hi y’all!  I’ve got a great tip.  Well, some of you may think it’s crazy, but honestly it’s a stroke of genius!  My friend Tiffany has a crazy schedule.  She teaches, is married with 2 sons & is always on the go.  Well, the other day we were enjoying some good old fashioned retail therapy in Christmas Tree Shops when she said (brace yourself):

“With my schedule, I should just skip all the other holidays and go straight to Christmas.”

I know!  The world just stopped and started spinning backwards!  But wait.  Before you pull out the eye roll, clutch the pearls or fall out of your seat, think this idea through.  She’s super busy so (after my first 3 gasps of horror and repeating her 3 times) I paused.  I rolled that thing around in my brain & realized:  IT MAKES SENSE!  Let me explain why:

  1.  We don’t do Halloween.  So there’s nothing to buy.  We may as well budget forward to Thanksgiving.
  2. Thanksgiving is a lot of food & decorations.  Unless you always go to someone else’s house.  If turkeythat’s the case, you may not even have a significant budget for Thanksgiving.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, what’s the color scheme each year for us?  Gold, Red, Green & Orange.  Why’s that important?  I’ll tell you why!  Ditch the orange (& maybe the gold) and what’s left?  Red & green, baby!  So that means you’ve already decorated for:
  3. Christmas!!!  Yep.  So we could really save a ton of work by streamlining the decorations and the overall budget.  You can also see some cool ideas for decorations on my Christmas Pinterest board.

So what do you guys think?  Is it something that you’d do?  Or did the idea just shock you to the point of no return?  Give me some feedback.  And Tiffany, don’t choke me cuz I put your name in this post!!

pumpkins wrapped Christmas gifts Christmas_centerpiece92119622d6684218c853edf254bb6727


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