The Best Way to “Freshen Up” Your Home for Fall

This will be a quick little tip. I have 2 sons and a daughter. To say that the air quality has its ebbs and flows would be an understatement. So, when they come home smelling like the hundreds of school kids & staff they’ve encountered, I keep the “phew” at bay by using these little beauties:


YES!!!!! These are an awesome $3 steal!! Yes, Purex Crystals are intended for laundry use (they’re mind blowing for that too, by the way) but don’t let the good smells stop there!  I go around the house and find fun little places to put them to keep the house smelling its best. Some places are:

*In socks-(I call them sock bombs). They’re thrown in my oldest’s room like grenades to combat the puberty age, PE funk that can rear its stinky head.

*Behind curtains-out of sight, but full of fresh fragrance!
*In vases with flowers-hide your beautiful smelling little secret.


See how I hid them under the flowers?  It also keeps the little fingers from touching it.


*In candle holders-the candle is optional.  You may be able to find scents whose colors coordinate with your decor!


wpid-20150928_123933.jpgHere are some other nifty places to hide them.  You could even put them in a saucer or in a little dish like this.  See how these are a little faded looking?  It’s because it’s time to put more in!wpid-20150928_124019.jpgwpid-20150928_123917.jpgwpid-20150928_123911.jpg

Bonus tip: Just cook something like cabbage or broccoli & the doorbell rings?(Insert look of horror here)  Well, pop the cap off and hold it under your ceiling fan for about 30-45 seconds. It’ll make a WORLD or difference!

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