Sharing is Caring! Try this Side for Dinner Tonight: Crispy Roasted Potatoes with Sriracha Mayo

For some reason, my posts are done in the morning.  Unfortunately, it’s usually before I’ve had breakfast (which is why so many of my posts are about food).  Today is one of those days.  So when I came across this recipe I was a little ashamed to share.  However, check it out!!  This is some good looking grub!  I love oven roasted potatoes.  I’ve posted a recipe for my oven roasted wedges a while back.  Try them out.  But for now, let’s focus on this spicy treat from!
Crispy roasted potatoes garnished with finely chopped parsley and lightly seasoned with salt then served with Sriracha mayo. These crispy roasted potatoes with Sriracha mayo are delicious and a great addition to your meals.

Source: Crispy Roasted Potatoes with Sriracha Mayo

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