Yes, One Tiny Thing Can Make a BIG Difference!

Don’t neglect the small things. Big things come in small packages. Little people can do big things. Yep! I mjust found out how important little things can be. This post is gonna take a sidestep. Instead of being about parenting (well, blatantly about parenting, anyway) it’s gonna focus on paying attention and not overlooking small (no, speck sized) details.

I’ve battled with my new website for about 2 months. Over what? Images. Now don’t bail on me, this is actually important for you. I’ve tried to get the stinking images to be the same size. It looks like a kiddy-gartner made your website if you don’t! Not to mention that I found this out after changing the type of jewelry I carry. So I jumped a hurdle (whoo hoo!) and fell straight into a hole (dangit!!!). What could be worse? Not knowing how to fix it, that’s what.
So after trying to fix it myself for a few weeks, I finally decide to hire someone. What did I do? Gave him all the info I thought was correct. But I found out this morning that I was off by ONE NUMBER. Big deal, right? Oh yeah. HUGE DEAL.

Since I’m not ashamed (and I want to help you future online salespeople out) I’ll show you what the big deal is.


Just looking at this reminds me of the Sesame Street song, “One of these things is doing its own thing, one of these things is not the same”.  Remember that one?  So anyway, I finally put those math degrees to work & (after following the instructions on the video) figured out where I went wrong.  I fixed it and within the next 2 days, my site will be a piece of art again (just not in cubism).

So where in your life has a tiny thing made a huge difference?


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