What’s For Dinner Tonight?

I’m hungry.  I’m excited for dinner.  What’s for dinner at the Joyner’s?  Something super fast & super yummy!  Here’s my formula:

1 crock pot of ribs + baked potatoes + a green salad=a happy family


I went to Harris Teeter last week and got a whole bunch of country style ribs & pork roast.  Always be on the lookout for mis-marked items.  They gave me about 4 pounds of meat for free for bringing it to their attention!  I love their customer service.  Other places should adopt their practices.  Oh yeah, back to the meal.  We don’t usually eat pork too much, but it was time for a menu change.  So, ribs it was!  I washed them, seasoned them well (no salt though because they’d be bbq’d) & plopped them into the pot.wpid-20150901_110717.jpg

This is my crock pot.  As you can see by the missing handle, it’s been through a lot!  But I love the buttons.  My other crock pot (God rest its soul) only had an off/hi/med dial.  I like the push buttons better.  It died mysteriously when the liner completely cracked in two.  I have 3 suspects…

I also have a roaster, but I’m not sure how much better it’ll work than the crock pot.  I need to dig it out and give it a chance.  Has anyone used a roaster?  Well either way, I’d say it has some big shoes to fill.  Check out what my baby can do!wpid-20150901_110749.jpg

Yes.  That is super yummy, delectably juicy, fall off the bone, tender succulent rib goodness.  Wipe your mouth, you’re drooling!  These were cooked for 12 hours on low.  I usually cook 4 hours on high.  I must say that there wasn’t any difference in the turnout.  So that’s good news!

Well, at the last moment I had to change the menu from baked potatoes to mashed.  I forgot the children had a dental appointment today.  So…soft food is the way we’ll go tonight.

What are you cooking for dinner tonight?


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