Back to School Tips!

A5I’ve got to share some tips with you that’ll get the front end of the school year off to a good start (you can also find these along with hundreds of other tips in Chapters 2 & 3 of my book).  They’ve saved us year after year!  Ready?  Ok, let’s go!

Family Calendar

I’m sure you’ve hit this speed bump already if you’ve been to open house or get school emails.  I’ve already seen the school volunteer email, PTA email, open house email, etc.  What’s that mean?  DATES.  How to beat the rush?  As soon as you see it, put it in your calendar!  I bounce around between 4.  Yeah, sounds crazy but it’s a must for us at this point.  I keep a calendar in my phone, one in my office, one in our kitchen & I use my alarms on my phone as an iron clad reminder system.  If I had less trust issues, I’d probably use Google calendar to keep track & let it pop up on my computer screen.  But I don’t trust it.  Y’all may need to encourage me on that!

Arts & Crafts

If you have little bitty ones, get ready!  The arts & crafts are coming!  If you had medium & big ones, a science project approacheth.  Just get your little area ready and have it stocked.  We’ve dedicated a shelf in our closet to surplus supplies & thanks to my daughter, a ton of arts & crafts supplies.  Everything from colored paper, cardboard, paper tubes, glue, colored pencils, crayons & more are in there.  Think you won’t need it?  Keep livin’…

Files for Each Child

I thought I posted on this before, but I can’t find it!  Anyway, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2 of my book:

Files for Each Child

          If you have multiples, keeping a set of files for each child will become more important as they grow older. Once those school records, health records, awards and other documents start to pile up, you want to be able to find them easily. Consider separating them by file folder color or design or file documents according to age. There are also hanging wall folders for families with multiple children. Label each folder and keep their papers on the side of the fridge, on the inside of the pantry door or on the pantry wall. Anywhere that is accessible but out of the way will work best.

I took this idea a step further when I looked up organization on Pinterest.  Here’s what I came up with.


Each child now has their OWN cart!  Last year they each had their own drawer in one cart.  We may label each drawer, but we haven’t decided yet.  Maybe one for homework, one for old papers and another for extra school supplies?  Underneath we keep bulky toys & our fuzzy, snuggly blankets for family movie time (which occurs often).  We also have a cork board that may be used for reminders just for the kids.  The storage doesn’t stop there!  Oh, no!  We also have a desk drawer with hanging file folders for other important school documents.  And we also post stuff on the fridge.    It’s still a work in progress and it may change even after we do all of this!  My motto?  Stay flexible!  There’s always change coming.

So this year I rearranged part of one of our hall closets & dedicated a shelf to school supplies.  I may pretty up that box, but who knows.  It’s just for functionality right now.  Knowing me I’ll find a cutesy organizer at Dollar Tree & ditch the cardboard.

wpid-wp-1440336764488.jpgwpid-20150823_093108.jpgSo there you have it.  Our initial back to school overhaul.  You can find additional projects & ideas on my Pinterest board for Kiddies & organization & more here.

So enjoy sending the babies back to school!



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