Small Change, Big Difference!

Hi! I hope you’re doing well!  I’ve realized something.  There are indicators that change needs to come.  Sometimes we’ve waited for change to happen and we really need to make a change ourselves.  The indicator?  It’s when you’ve felt it forever and tried to work around it, ignore it or trudge through it expecting the best to come from it. However, things don’t work that way in life all the time.

At least for me in my scenario. So what is it?  I’m changing my post day. No biggie, right? I know this small change I’m making to my blog will make a world of difference. Well, it’ll help me a lot. Honestly, it was a face palm moment. I am off on Tuesday. My idea for posts come on Tuesday. I never make my deadline of Monday. So I’m just changing it. Tuesday Mom Tips are official now!

Oh yeah, this post also doubles as my tip for the week. If you feel slighted, go back and read the 4th through 8th sentences of the first paragraph and apply it to your personal life. Look for areas that have needed change and you’re just not letting go. It could be something small like moving a chair to a new location to open up space in a room (don’t minimize this-it can change your entire feeling about a room).  Maybe it’s changing careers. I don’t know. You know your thing. You know what’s been grating at your very essence for change and you’ve been avoiding it for some reason. Try it. Have faith it’ll work out and you’ll learn something about yourself. I believe you’ll have more peace when you let go of the rigor of the situation. The energy you’ve been using to fight it will allow you to soar in another area of your life. Best hopes and wishes & God bless you!  (Oh, and see you next Tuesday!)


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