Monday Mom Tip: Making Manageable Chunks

As I look around my house, it seems that a million things remain undone.  My husband says that it’s just the way I operate-I don’t finish things.  I disagree.  I work on a rotation!  If I attempt something and it causes me to be stagnant, I move on to something else.  I’m not saying it’s always the best way to handle everything, but sometimes that’s just how it is.  But today, I am tending to agree with him.  My “ideas” and “to do” folders and lists are full and nothing has been checked off in days!

planningGranted, it’s been incredibly hectic.  Vacation coming up, and event this week, last week and the holiday weekend was the week before.  I’ve got another event coming up too!  It’s beginning to feel like there was more “summer” in this vacation than “vacation”!  Ok, time to dial it back.  It’s time to make some manageable chunks.

What does that entail, you ask?  First, reevaluate priorities.  What can I chuck?  What can I delegate?  What can I cut into manageable morsels?  For instance, I have some vague things on my to do list, like “Living Social”.  I know it’s a reminder to put out a new ad for my business.  The former one failed miserably.  So I need to get it done!  But it’s so vague that when I look at it, I cringe a little on the inside.  I need to write smaller, less daunting steps to encourage myself to get it done!  So I can just revisit the email for when I did the first one and see what the beginning of the process was.  pantry

I guarantee that when you write down your to do list in bite sized tasks, they’ll become more appealing and not so burdensome.  Think about it.  What sounds better, “clean entire house today” or “kitchen, bathroom, dust, mop, laundry”?  Yeah, one sounds much longer, but at least you feel the accomplishment of getting parts done that move you closer to your overall goal being completed!

What’s one thing that you need to break down into bite sized pieces?

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