Monday Mom Tip: Marvelous Meal Ideas!

Man, we had the best dinners last week.  I was really impressed.  For several reasons.  One was how good they tasted.  Another was that it was so quick and there was very little babysitting (watching a clock down to the second so you don’t burn the house down).  Everyone was happy & it was so versatile!

Meal 1
Rotisserie Chicken
Collard greens (98 oz)
Corn on the cob
Lemon cake with lemon cream cheese frosting
Yellow cake with chocolate frosting (someone is spoiled & got his own cake this time)

What’s so great about this meal, you ask?  It took about 30 mins!  We bought the chicken from Food Lion’s deli for about $7.  Collards came in the 98 oz bulk can (Glory Foods seasoned brand) for about $5.  Corn on the cob was Bird’s Eye 12 count for 2/$5 (we made the mistake of only buying one & had to go back for the next day’s meal for another-wonk wonk).  The cakes were about $1.29 at Food Lion and the frostings were the store brand for about the same.  Oh, I added some lemon juice to the cream cheese frosting to make it lemony.  Everyone liked it, but I thought it was a little bit too tart.  I’ll scale it back next time.  So the grand total for a meal for 5?  About $22 with tax included!  We usually pay $25 a pop for fast food, so who can argue with that??  The best thing is that the chicken was really big.  It was enough for a meal and leftovers.  The collards were HUGE & we are still not done with them!  I didn’t think to look at the number of servings.  The corn was enough for 2 meals and so was the cake.  Great deal, huh?

Meal 2
Super fast BBQ pork chops
leftover corn,
leftover collards &
leftover cake

How do you make super fast BBQ pork chops?  I’ll tell ya!
The most important thing is tenderizing and seasoning.  I use a premixed seasoning with no salt. I added about 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt to both sides.  If you want to tenderize, you can use liquid tenderizer, powdered or just break out your meat mallet or use forks.  Either way, tenderize it well.

Then put it under the broiler on the lower rack on high.

This is where it gets fun.  Cook until it’s your desired color and ALMOST your desired firmness.  Flip and repeat.  You’ll have to gauge how long according to your preferences and your oven.  My oven is almost new but crazy, so I won’t give times.

Back to the recipe.  After you’ve cooked the chops on both sides, take them out, baste heavily as you like with bbq sauce then put back under the broiler on the top rack for a few minutes.  Flip the meat & repeat on the other side.  You want the sauce to create a good thick crusty glaze.  It may take 1-3 minutes per side.  Don’t burn your house down!!!

I use this method often and depending on the cut of the meat, the amount & brand of sauce and if I sought the Lord to put His foot in it, it’s divine!  They’re even better the next day reheated.  If you have any left.

Meal 3
Remember that chicken you had from meal 1?  Well maybe I should’ve told you to buy 2.  If you had leftovers, here’s some things you can do with it.  We call this type of meal the Scavenger meal.  It’s where everyone is on their own to make something.  We use the chicken for:

*chicken wraps
*BBQ chicken sandwiches (just add a little sauce on top, or cook on low on the stovetop until it’s rich and thick)
*chicken salad (chicken on top of a bed of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes & whatever else)
*chicken salad (the REAL deal with mayo, mustard, relish, etc.-eat alone, on salad, crackers)
*chicken & rice

Let me know if you’d like my recipes for that.  Shoot, it’ll give me a good excuse to make it again!  And I’m sorry I didn’t have pics to share.  Yeah…we at pretty much everything.  But hey, we got 3 meals out of a $22 grocery run!

Well, it’s time for me to go feed the little people again.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these tips.  Grab my book for more ideas, tips and tricks on making parenting less work and more play!  Thanks for reading and come back soon!


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