Monday Mom Tip: A Great Rainy Day Game

You learn so much about your children when you take time to play with them.  I work from home and for someone else, so separating those modes takes dedication.  But when I invest time in my children, the payoff is limitless!  Yesterday my middle child made up a scavenger hunt.  But not the usual type.  This one was TOTALLY AWESOME!  You had to do the hunt in order of the food chain from lowest to highest.  It may have seemed easy, but it wasn’t.  You didn’t know all of the animals or plants involved and then you’d get something out of order, forget where you saw what…oh it was GREAT!  The best part was, he made it up!  So here’s how he did it.

My middle child is very rustic, so he took half sheets of paper & wrote the name of the animal.  Then he drew his (very rustic) picture of it.  He randomly placed them throughout the house.  Then all it took was ready, set, go!

Well, one thing I learned is why humans are at the top of the chain.   We have no problem adapting at a moments notice.  I lost the first time because I didn’t quite get the gist of the game.  The second loss was because SOMEBODY cheated and taped the lion, the top of the food chain for our game, UNDER A TABLE!  (that was his little adaptation)  After that loss, I decided I’d had enough.  I played dirty.  Well, let’s just say I went primal and took no prisoners.  At the starting sound, I ran around and took all of the animals I could find.  Every. One.  So what happened?  My oldest child was missing the bottom of the food chain and the middle was missing the top.  With me taking the majority, they were bound to come up short.  So what did we learn?



If you decide you want to play, here’s how:

1.  Find at least 10 animal pictures.  They can be from drawings, magazine cutouts, the Headbandz game (lots of animals in that one) or those animal flash cards

2.  Post them randomly around your house.  If you decide to use tape you can use clear/Scotch tape or painter’s tape.  People will be running around yanking at them, so yeah.  It helps to use small pieces.

3.  Be sure everyone understands the rules.  You can use the ones my son used or make up your own!  I won’t lie, finding them in proper order was so hard.  Plus, we didn’t have anyone checking, so who knows if one of us cheated!  We had a judge, but she was too busy giggling to be reliable.

4.  Have fun!

I hope you enjoy your family.  I’ll be sharing more fun games and activities I’m sure.  If you want more fun ideas, check out my Kiddies board on Pinterest.  It’s full of all kinds of stuff like games, foods, organization tips & more!  So as always,

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