He’s Lost His Mind, People!

Sooooo, I’m talking to the husband the other day and there seems to be something on his mind.  He wants me to finish painting the bathroom!  OH ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!  Stop it.  Just STOP IT!  I am not up for that!  *Side note:  you know the list of about 17 things that you shouldn’t say to people (especially if you’re publicizing that you’re a Christian)?  Yeah, the top 5 quickly came to mind.  But I didn’t say them!  But he did get the side eye and about 7 faces that you make at people you don’t like.

That was a few days ago.  So I’d let it go and moved on, hoping he’d forget about it.  I wake up, pick up my phone & what’s there?  Someone liked one of my Pinterest pins.  Me being nosy, I wanted to see what it was.  You nosy too?  Ok, I’ll indulge you.  Here it was:


I guess I should be grateful that God took the time to make sure I’d see this.  I can’t say that was my initial, honest reaction.  But when I started reading the article (yeah I read it!) I was pleasantly surprised!  There’s a product called Frog Tape that has a special sealant that’ll block out the paint.  I’ve hear of Frog Tape, but not for over 5 years.  So I think I’ll give it a try.  Their walls turned out great, so I’ve got great expectations for mine!  Oh, if you want to see the product in action, check out this blog.   By the way, they left their edges looking crazy for FIVE YEARS!  I don’t feel so bad now!  Until next time, try NOT to kill your kids!

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