Living the Mom Life: Bathroom Makeover Part 2

Hey, you decided to come back!  Either you love laughing with me or at me.  Either way, I’ll take it.  So…the second part of my remodel was supposedly going to be the easy part.  It was just a simple wall patch.

First, let’s start with some background info.  I have 3 children.  Yes, these types of stories always have their roots in children.  The oldest is 14, the middle is 10 and the youngest is 8.  This particular day I’d heard them running around like billy goats on crack.  You know, bumping, banging, laughing, squealing at the top of their lungs.  All the stuff that makes you want to move away without leaving a forwarding address.  They just want the fridge and the house anyway, right??

So I get up to approach the foolishness and they scatter.  Well, not before the oldest chases the middle into the bathroom and I hear an awful sound.  A horrid crunch that resulted in this:20150515_110655Doesn’t look that bad, right?  Well, that pic was from a few feet away.  This is what it looked like up close:

20150515_110700Yeah………..someone was gonna get it (the jury was out about what “it” was gonna be, but it was sure to be epic!)

You’d think this would just get the oldest 2 in trouble (they were the ones running around after each other, after all).  But nope.  It’s never that simple.  See, I watch CSI, Castle, Forever, Elementary and am delivered from watching Scandal.  Child, I know when to dig deeper to find out the real facts.  No, it wasn’t just an isolated incident this time.  A former crime had been committed that led up to this event.  Do you ever notice these little doohickies in your house? 20150515_110704Well, let’s just say it’s all fun and games until one of these bad boys gets missing.  And yes, that’s exactly what happened.  My daughter (God bless and keep her) decided to go around the house collecting them!  Then when she was told to put them back, she gouged a few holes and the durn things wouldn’t stay in.  (she was probably around 7 years old then-her righty-tighty lefty-loosy skills were a bit wonky)

So now I was stuck with a hole in the wall.  My first action?  Inform the hubby.  My husband was so upset that he said nothing.  Didn’t reply, react or even flinch.  He’s the type who gets rustled about small things, so with this level of foolishness I knew the mushroom cloud was coming by his lack of response.

So I decided to save the children.  Well, at least my wall.  So after about a month of forgetting to get the kit from Walmart (I loathe-no, LOATHE Walmart), I picked up a kit.

20150515_110710  20150515_121256

Cool!  I got a kit for less than $10 and was in and out and back home to finish the job.  It was also great because they had everything included that I needed!  Now at this point I must apologize for not having many pictures.  The reason?  This stuff is MESSY!!!  Like making biscuits by hand, messy.  I dared not pick up my phone or I’d be calling the insurance department to report a mishap!  Anyway, there are only 4 instructions and they went pretty quickly.  Here are the shots I did manage to get after I washed all the goop off my hands:

 20150515_130736  20150515_131041

Looks good, huh?  I thought so too, until I glimpsed…


Then zoomed in on…


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  FOR TEXTURED WALLS???  THERE’S SOMETHING ELSE I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET?!  Oh Lord…well, it looks like it’ll be another 30 days before I trudge into Wally world to get that.  At least it doesn’t look too bad.  Ugh, I HATE Walmart!

Oh well, until next time…try not to kill your kids before they turn 18!


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3 thoughts on “Living the Mom Life: Bathroom Makeover Part 2

  1. I feel your pain. My son put a hole in the wall when he was 12. He’s almost 20. Hole’s still there. I figure I’ll fix it when he moves out…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My parents just found a hole I put in their house last year! I was about 15 when I put it there. Guess where it was? Behind some achievement award I’d won! Bwah ha haaaa!!!


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