Fire Pit Recipes (Good for Regular Grills Too!)

Hi all!  This post is a continuation of  my last one on quality time being a priority.  I hope you enjoyed reading it and learning how to make your own fire pit for under $100.  I thought I’d build on it and give you some of the recipes we used to break it in!

Bangin’ Bratwurst
12-24 bratwurst (we were serving 7 people and wanted leftovers for the next day or so)1-2 tablespoons of garlic powder
dutch oven
water to cover bratwurst

Put brats in the dutch over and add water.  Be sure the water is about an inch above the brats.  Add garlic.  Boil until the brats are grey-this can take 5-15 mins depending on if you boiled the water first or added the brats to cold water.  They should look like the brats on the left in the pic below.  Remove and place on a plate, platter or tray (you’ll be taking it to the grill).  Repeat the process if you have more brats.  They won’t take long to cook, so you may as well get them all out of the way.  Now get to grillin!  The brats should be turned one time and you’ll know they’re ready for turning when they turn the heavenly color on the right.  You may also hear the sizzle of the juices hitting the coals.
FB_IMG_1431809584307[1]On to the second recipe:

Awesome Onion Packet
See the foil pack on the grill?  It’s onions!  My parents have been cooking this every time they grill since they’ve gotten the recipe!  They always add potatoes to make a potato onion medley, but I was exhausted and was doing good to make the onions!  But I’ll include them in the recipe.

2 Vidalia onions, sliced into 1/4″ or 1/2″ rings, separated
3 pats of salted butter
black pepper (optional, to taste)
Aluminum foil
Potatoes sliced into 1/2″ pieces (you may want to add a little salt for flavor)

Fold your foil into a rectangle large enough to hold all of the ingredients.  If you mess up (like I did the first time) and make the rectangle too small, don’t worry.  Just cover it in another piece of larger foil or make another packet and distribute between the two foil packets.  Now, escort that beauty to the grill!  Depending on the heat of your grill, it could take 15-30 mins.  But if you add some music, friends and fun, it’ll seem like no time has passed at all!

I hope you enjoyed (and will enjoy) the recipes.  For a great dessert, check out my strawberry icebox cake.  It’s no bake and is done in a flash!  Have fun with the fam!

IMG_20140514_123621780Go ahead and make two, cuz believe me, it won’t last!
XO, Tonya


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