Quality Time with Family is a High Priority (Fire Pit DIY Included)

I guess I should’ve titled this, “Quality Time with Family Should be a High Priority”, but I think I said it right.  Paying your bills, getting sleep or taking care of business in general are all high priority, but some feel it’s ok to shuffle them around in the mix.  The priority is still high, but what you choose to do is up to you.  I think it’s time to look at the definition:

n. noun
1. Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency.
2. An established right to precedence.
3. An authoritative rating that establishes such precedence.

Notice that the definition says order of importance (#1) & rating (#3).  So is a priority a priority because you make it one?  Or is it because it just is?

Well, this weekend I closed my jewelry store in order to spend time with my parents and family.  We built my husband a fire pit.  He is IN LOVE!  He even named it Osceola after the mascot of his favorite college team, the Florida State Seminoles.  My dad recorded the whole thing (OH GOD…) and we had a great time.  The children had fun and we even had a late night marshmallow roast.  And can I tell you that it was better than using our old conventional grill?  No lugging it in and out of the garage, no running across the yard after the cover that tried to blow away and event he stinking HOA board can’t complain because it isn’t a permanent structure!  Here’s some pics of ours after it was all done.
It was 7 bricks around and 3 rows high with an extra layer of smaller bricks for the lip.  We will upgrade by adding another row (or 2) and surround the bottom row with some more decorative slabs.  You could choose to put your bricks tighter, but we found the gaps gave off great light and just a little heat, which is great for cool nights.  We secure the grate in the daytime by putting 2 of the smaller bricks on either side as an anchor.  Greensboro has wind gusts that can lift glass inserts from picnic tables, so we decided not to chance it.  I mean who wants to run down a grate rolling through the neighborhood?  In my next post, I’ll share some great recipes for the fire pit.
Interested in making one of your own?  Here’s a video of how to do it yourself!

Until next time, have fun spending quality time with friends and loved ones.

XO, Tonya

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