Have a Longevity Outlook When it Comes to Parenting

A5Parents (moms especially) sometimes get upset over small, insignificant things. I’m just being real. Stuff like flipping out over a dirty counter, but not acknowledging the beautiful art made for me by the child who made the mess. Yes, I’ve done it. Our pastor calls it “majoring in the minors”. We’ve been programmed to strive for continual perfection in every area by our society. Instead, we should focus on significant things of all sizes. “Mommy look what I did!”, “Dad will you come to my game?” or “Can I invite my friends over?” are all doors of opportunity. These doors are ways to support and be an active part of your child’s live. It will also increase widen the body of their experiences. When we don’t walk through these open doors, we increase the chances of those doors being shut to us. Even more, we root importance and acceptance issues, not to mention feelings of isolation, when we aren’t there for our kids. That’s when they’ll recruit other people (who don’t always mean them well) to enter into their vulnerable places. When those opportunities to engage with your children arise, act on them. It’ll deter unwanted situations in their future.

You’ve just read an excerpt from my book!  Want to read more?  Grab a copy for yourself or a loved one today on Amazon.com.  If you’re in the Greensboro, NC area tonight you can see me at Artemis along with a few other local authors.  Expect food, fun and pampering.  It’s Girl’s Night Out at Artemis!  I hope to see you there.  If you can’t make it, let me know where you are and I’ll let you know when I’ll be in the area.  Thanks and try NOT to kill your kids before they turn 18!

A5Tonya Joyner is a wife, mother of three, speaker, author, educator, trainer & entrepreneur.  She believes laughter is good medicine & inserts a dose of humor into her delivery to ensure that education isn’t torture for the teacher or the student!  If you’d like to book Tonya to speak at your engagement, contact her here.

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