Listen to your Inklings

Have you ever had one of those days where you are just hit by an urge to do something, but you have no idea why?  Well, some call it intuition, some call it conscience but in my case, I call Him the Holy Spirit.  For instance, I’ve been avoiding putting air in my tires even though the warning on my dashboard says it’s due. My issue?  Being cheap.  Yep!  I think it’s ridiculous to pay for air.  I’m part of the generation where air for your tires was free.  Yes, FREE!  So no, I did not want to stop somewhere and pay a dollar for air. Okay, on a serious note I know that you have to pay the little people to use their machine. But back to the original topic.  What was the only reason I thought about it?  A little voice inside with telling me turn right instead of turn left. What was on the right? The gas station with free air! Now, I’d been trying to remember to do it when I drove by a Sheetz – for the last two months.  So you can see that I needed the little voice to chime in whenever possible!

Much of our lives have these kind of situations. We have things that we are avoiding or that slip our mind. So when the time is right, the little voice steps in and gives directions. So it is always in our best interest to listen.

Now let me add a disclaimer.  I’m not talking about people who walk around hearing crazy voices, or people know doggone well they should not be doing ridiculous things but do anyway because a little voice told them to. I’m talking about the still quiet voice of the Holy Spirit. I think the most interesting thing is that He’s doing great things inside of us even when we have no clue. There have been many times when I was told to pick up something from the store and just could not figure out why, just to later discover that a friend had a need for it.  And when you live 12 minutes away from a decent store like we do, it is indeed a blessing for someone to pick up something for you! So as you go about your day, be sure that you take that little voice seriously.  He’s looking out for you,  so listen out for Him!

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