I Need YOUR Tips! Summer Day Trips

I’m gonna be off for the summer soon (If my boss doesn’t call me in to work over the summer-wouldn’t be the first time) & I need places in NC (or near the NC/VA state line) to take my children for day trips.  I’d like for them to be fun, educational, complete veg-out spots or off the beaten path.  I’m up for anything, people!  I have no camps planned for them this year.  It’d be great, but just in case it doesn’t happen I want to be prepared.

Here are some ideas I have so far:

local arboretum
strawberry farm
Science museums
Art museums
Linville Caverns (if I decide to make that drive)
The beach (whooo!  5 hours one way)
The mountains
the pool
Grandma’s house (no brainer, since she just retired!)

So where are some great places you have been with your children?

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