Monday Mom Tip: Cut the Crud

Noun:  person, place or thing

I’m ditching anything and everything that is clinging, draining, debilitating, stagnant, unproductive or hurtful.  Back to the top of this post.

Noun:  person, place or thing

I found that when I decided to move away from things that weren’t showing progress, progress came!  I’ve been so busy the last 3 weeks that it’s made my head spin.  But miraculously, I haven’t been tired!  Ok, there were a few times that I was mentally in shock from the day’s events.  But overall, I’m GOOD.

I realized that I was putting a lot of effort into things that weren’t paying off.  I refocused, reevaluated and renovated my thoughts and actions and saw such a huge change.  My business, The Jewelry Lady ( yes, that’s my shameless plug) started seeing incredible opportunities that I’d never dreamed possible.  My children’s grades improved.  My husband and I have found more time together (which is crazy because we are almost joined at the hip as it is).  His business has taken a huge lunge forward.  We saw a tremendous financial blessing (income increase, more time off, debts cut in half or paid or cancelled) like never before.  Free things given to us that we needed.  The list goes on and on.

I’d been praying for change forever.  It came when I made the change.  Don’t expect life out of things that don’t have life to give.  If you keep messing with dead things they’ll suck the life out of you.  It only took a decision (and submission to whatever God wanted for my life) to see all the change I’d pray for come to me.  It wasn’t even overnight.  It was about 10 minutes after I verbally said, “God WHATEVER you want for my life, I submit to it and receive it!”

If the change I mentioned is what you’ve been praying for, give submission a shot.  God will completely knock your socks off!

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