Bonus Mom Tip: Recipe Blunders Solved!

Hi everyone,

Have you ever messed up a recipe by over seasoning a piece of meat?  Well, it can be fixed!  I’ve over (and under) seasoned meat like chicken or beef in my crock pot a few times and although it seemed like a disaster, it was fixed by one simple ingredient:


Yep!  In most cases, all I did was allow the meat to submerge in some warm water for 5-20 minutes depending how sever the situation was.  It allowed the water to go in and dilute the seasoning to a tolerable level.

Another way to fix this is to pair the meat with something that has little or no seasoning.  I like alfredo sauce, but man, is it bland sometimes!  So that’s a great pairing with over-seasoned meat.

You can also use the meat in stir fry.  I use frozen stir fry, so when the water begins to release and steam up, the veggies get the seasoning from the prep

Need to beef up your chili?  Use some over seasoned meat and create a cool twist on an old favorite!  If you need a great recipe, check mine out here.IMG_20140424_080659691

Finally, try pairing it with a baked potato as filler.  Now you don’t need to add any additional seasoning!

Well, I hope these ideas helped.  Let me know what recipe savers you use!

Take care!


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