Building Barbie Houses! (DIY)

Hey everyone!  I just had to share what my daughter and I have been up to.  If you’re a follower, you probably noticed a big lull in my posts.  That’s because my baby girl and I were super busy!!  What were we doing?  Oh some of everything…

Making Barbie clothes, (pardon the grainy pictures)

20150122061127 20150122061139 20150122061218 20150122061308…creating rooms, decor and furnishings out of cardboard (& other random stuff)20150122061417   2015012206150720150122061652201501220615182015012206142420150122061437

…and we even made a playground!!!  20150122061707

How, you ask?  We found My Froggy Stuff!

This all stemmed from my daughter wanting a Barbie mansion this Christmas.  After looking at the reviews (they were pitiful, y’all) I thought I could just come up with something else.  After a short search, I came across videos on how to DIY Barbie rooms.  That way you can pack them up after you’re done.  I looked at a few videos, but when I found My Froggy Stuff I was more than impressed!  It is the best set of YouTube videos I’ve seen.  Yes, it’s sad, but true.  It was so good that I just fell in love with Barbies all over again!  She’s got tutorial videos galore (there are actually 2 different tutorial and product review channels) and at the end of each video there’s a crazy skit using items she’s created.  So if you love Barbies, American Girl or any other dolls, you’d love this site.  It got so bad that I went out and bought myself some dolls.  Well, some were to measure the rooms and items, but let’s be real.  My daughter and I had a TON OF FUN playing with dolls!!!

I hope you enjoyed my pics.  To be honest, this doesn’t even scratch the surface.  Maybe I’ll do a tour of our Barbie mansions one day.  That sounds like fun!

Anyway, have fun spending quality time with your family!


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