Monday Mom Tip

Build connections.

This is every Mom’s safety net.  You need a team, sweetie!  A big one.  Well, the more hats you wear, the bigger your team should be.  Of course you need your medical team (dentist, OBGYN, family doc, eye doc, whatever other docs you need), but do you think about your life team?  Your business needs a mentor, if you have child then you need a Mom team.  Then there’s work.  Do you have people who you can consult about your career (not those people you just hang out with or gossip with) but ones who can actually help you navigate?  Don’t forget marriage, finance, and don’t forget to put some people in there that help you unplug and have fun!

If you’re really thinking hard now, be sure that your spouse is on that team.  But if your spouse is in multiple areas of that list, be careful.  You don’t want to put a strain on that person by them becoming your everything.

Also, be sure you have different types of personalities for each category.  For instance, my business mentors have really different personalities:  no nonsense (a bottom line thinker)-my husband; the fire-Ms. Mua (a top notch accountability partner who keeps me moving and doesn’t tolerate excuses); the ice-Ms. Legacy (she’s calm and cool and is a big thinker who always helps me to focus and think).  I call all 3 and then end up with a well rounded view of my situation.  But in everything, I seek God first.  Ok, sometimes I pick up the phone first-no point in lying!  But I know His voice when I hear it and then I always know which direction to take.

Make sure you identify those people on your team.  If some changes need to be made, don’t be afraid to reach out and embrace new ones.  Remember, teams were made to accomplish, inspire, hold up each other and grow each other.  Identify and grow your team and see your life change for the better.

Until next time,

Try NOT to kill your kids before they turn 18!

A5In this book, Tonya Joyner speaks to issues that make our break our families: communication, relationships & love. Inside you’ll get a free preview of Chapter 1, Parenting Basics. Chapters 2-7 has over 100 tips on parenting challenges ranging from sneaking snacks to sneaking out. It’s a hilarious & heartfelt look at how we can raise our children with love without losing hair, sleep or relationship.
Special topics:

Ways to REALLY find out what your teen is up to
Dealing with fits, temper tantrums & moodiness
Overcoming what I call “Boy Stink”
& much, much more!

You’ll also receive tips for reorganizing your home specifically for your family’s needs & go from distressed to de-stressed!

So grab a copy for yourself & a friend for great ideas on How NOT to Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18!

Tonya Joyner is a wife, mother of three, author, speaker, educator & entrepreneur.  To her clients, she’s known as The Jewelry Lady (  To her readers, she’s the voice behind Tonya Joyner Speaks ( & the author of her first book, Mostly Sunny…With a Chance of Clouds & Rain (available on, PDF & Kindle) as well as her latest book of her new series, Are We There Yet?  How NOT to Kill Your Kids Before They Turn 18.  She’s been guest speaker at colleges, universities, churches & corporations on removing blockages to your success, interviewing skills, workplace attire & navigating a path of success.  Tonya also is available for booking for seminars & workshops for businesses needing assistance with correcting office attire.  If your office attire is in need of correction & you don’t want to “be the bad guy”, contact her to do it for you.  By her own admission, she’s the nicest “bad guy” you’ll ever meet!

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