Monday Mom Tip

Don’t CREATE drama.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Yeah, you’d think so, but sometimes we Moms jump in where we’re not wanted or needed.  This can cause unnecessary drama.  Try to avoid jumping into (or instigating) sibling arguments.

This morning trouble is brewing.  The middle can’t find money the oldest was holding for him.  Now they can find the wallet, but not the money.  My question was why the oldest had the middle’s wallet and money in the first place.  The oldest said so he wouldn’t lose it.  My final comment until further notice?  Your brother has to learn how to take care of his own things.

I know he was trying to be a good big brother but I’ve seen what happens when this goes on too long: big brother will have to save little brother the rest of his life.  There are exceptions to this and I think it should be reviewed on a case by case basis.  In this case, the middle just may take a loss and gain a few life lessons:
1.  Don’t expect other people to take care of your stuff.
2. Don’t expect other people to take care of your stuff as well as you would.
3. Money is a tool, not a toy, so don’t just leave it anywhere.

Oh yeah, the middle found his money.  Then gave it to my husband so he won’t lose it again.  :-/

Until next time, try NOT to kill your kids before they turn 18!


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