Monkeys & Pirates

I called my business mentor the other day with my usual dump.  To which she responded as she always does:  a verbal whooping with lots of encouragement to cool the fire.  One of her main concerns was my submitting to what she called “monkeys & pirates”.  What are monkeys & pirates you ask?  Well I’ll tell you this, you’ve had experience with both!

Monkeys are those things that jump up at a moments notice to grab your attention.  It’s usually over something unnecessary, silly or aggravating.  They preoccupy your time by creating unneeded distractions.  They can disguise themselves as phone calls, junk mail, email, unmanageable hair or “adorable” children.

Pirates are situation (or people) that bogart your time, energy, oppotunities or other things you hold dear.  What his bogart you ask?

verb (used with object)
1.  to take an unfair share of (something); keep for oneself instead of sharing:
2.  to bully or force:
He just bogarted his way into the elevator!
verb (used without object)
3.  to act or move in a tough or aggressive way:
That big guy doesn’t ask–he just bogarts.
4.  a person who hogs or monopolizes something.
5.  a person who acts in a tough or aggressive way.
Also, bogard [boh-gahrd] (Show IPA).

Just so you know, I’ve just been pirated by my daughter and monkeyed by my son.  My daughter should be reading to my husband so I can write this post & my oldest just monkeyed through the door talking about some mail.  What was that?  My cell phone beeping?  Another monkey!  Yeah, they’re everywhere people!  So be on the lookout for monkeys and pirates.  Your job?  Take them out on sight!

What do you do when you’re attacked by monkeys and pirates?

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